This is R.A.F.O.N.

I know this video will be scrubbed from the internet eventually, so I made my own copy of it because I want it to be available on one more social media outlet, for as long as possible.

I’m going to share this AGAIN. It’s just that necessary.

As one views news in America, it matters little where you seek, when all are sharing pictures and videos, of an America, on-fire.

Make no mistake about it, an overwhelming majority of the mayhem and devastation that Americans are witnessing right here in our own backyards is fully orchestrated and funded by some of the wealthiest people and corporations in America, and on the earth.

Such destruction makes even more sense; coming from Capitalists, when you view it through America’s Military doing it to Iraq, or Syria, or Egypt, or even Yugoslavia.

If you choose to see it as Nation-Building, that is.

Albeit, domestically done right here on our street, and our homes.

But before the Nation can Rise again, it must Fall, and America is nearing an irreversible tailspin.

Look up: Economic Hitman

Watch these 16 minutes of education on how Nations FALL, in the swing of time.

I do not own this video

Barring a few bonafide miracles, America is quickly spiraling out of control.

As this woman describes the fall of her beloved country, she points to where America is, as we march down the exact same path.

Massive numbers of law enforcement being attacked? 30+ police officers per day are seeking to leave the New York City police.

New York City has made numerous non-lethal grappling – wrestling – takedown moves, illegal for the Police to use; citing officers can be charged, and sued by the victims, even if they cause no bodily harm.

Remember, it’s not the people on the street that are hamstringing and handcuffing our Law Enforcement, it is our Elected and Appointed Officials who marionette Law Enforcement every bit as much as they manipulate most of us.

When the Police are being demonized by the Left, Law Enforcement is in trouble, because Leftists are in charge of thousands of seats of government power in America, and they’re the ones (largely) calling the shots.

The Courts are a majority of Leftists, as are our Public Schools, and Universities, as are most Attorneys, as is the Mainstream Media, as is Hollywood, as is Washington, D.C., as are the overwhelming majority of our Politicians, and that’s a short lesson on where history’s places America on the timeline between the “Rise” and the “Fall” of a Nation.

If it’s going on this bad in NYC, how bad is it in other Democrat strongholds?

We’re not far from an all-out civil war!

I retain one hope for America to turn this around before we reach the point of no return, and we’re fast, getting there.

Trump wins a 2nd-Term and then stomps his foot down on these riots all over the country.

I don’t know the future, but I’ve studied enough of the past, and I see enough of the present, I’m feeling pretty damned accurate about saying a Trump iron-boot during a 2nd-term, or America’s future, just may be more present, than many are prepared to deal with.

Millions will die within the 1st-12-months of our next American war.

This is literally about the fate of what kind of “America”, survives.

The story told by this woman in Yugoslavia, is one and the same R.A.F.O.N. (Rise and Fall of Nations) that I have spoken on and written about over the last 4+ years.

This is not going to be a civil war, though racists of all races will surely take their advantages, This is going to be a war for what rises from the ashes of we’re about to leave behind.

I’m J.W.

© 2020 J.W. Rafon

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Jerry is a concerned citizen of the great country of the United States of America. Being a student of world history, he recognizes the left-leaning markers that are increasingly becoming ever more present in society: from the violent protests and marches, to Republican Campaign trail attacks against right-wing supporters, to the destruction of civil war monuments, to the safe-spaces and attacks against Conservative speakers on college campuses, to the left-wing hate speech that plagues the internet. Jerry knows the destructive paths and history of leftist movements such as Marxism, Communism, Socialism, and Fascism. He has decided it’s time for real Patriots to rise up.

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