Socialism’s Destructive Path

Socialism’s Destructive Path

Welfare Cities

Do not EVER fall for the altruistic (Self-Sacrificial) goals and actions of the Liberal FOLLOWERS (Puppets).

Liberal leadership tactic and reasoning for destroying cities in their highly organized protests:

The more damage, destruction and carnage that can be accomplished by/through the Liberal FOLLOWERS (Puppets), the bigger pay-out for the city “Fathers”, through county, state and Federal resources.

And all the more that can be funneled (STOLEN) to lining their own private coffers and other special interest and interested parties.

A key indicator in any/all such locations and such events, is when we find there was a “Stand-Down” order given.

I’m just going to ask you to think logically for a moment.

The more healthy, clean and stable City/County/State is financially prosperous, the less help (emergency/disaster) relief, assistance , and/or funding they need from outside sources.

This goes to the heart of the Liberal leadership mindset in how their puppets are programmed; the more dependent upon private and “government” funding and assistance, the more loyal are those who receives such assistance and funding, to said private (special interests) and governmental bodies.

Provide the puppets with free money, free food stamps, free welfare, free housing, free college, etc….and the vast majority will never bite the hand that “feeds” them.

To a certain degree, government itself must often present ineptness to problems in/with society, to better reason additional or other increased taxation and legislation.

Consider also that Socialism itself always promises Fantasia at the end of the road, but due to its own ineptness, its path is always destruction and devastation for the masses (Puppets and innocent bystanders), while allowing a precious few (The Leaders) to live off the spoils.

J.W. Bowers 09/13/2018