Front-End Communism

Front-End Communism is the slow and incremental introduction and proliferation of what will become full-blown Communism.

Front-End Communism is a charade, masked in virtue and morality.

Front-End Communism is what Leftist Politicians, University Professors, and special interests promote as the best way to move forward into a world where all are truly equal, yet history provides no examples of where this has been achieved.

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Remember R.A.F.O.N.

Do you know why history records no successful long-term “Socialist” Empires? Because none have ever existed.

As time’s pendulum swings, the Builders and Destroyers take turns. Societies, Kingdoms, and Empires arise because the Builders desire beauty, comfort, and ease.

The Destroyers are those who lust after what others create: as the virus they are, they attach themselves to the host, drain the life from them, and then toss them aside.

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Utopian Socialism

Socialism is merely an economic vehicle used on the road to Communism; Karl Marx knew this, as did Comrades Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin, Hugo Chavez, and even Fidel Castro.

The “Living Wage” argument will never disappear because needs grow as prices rise.

The move towards a $15 minimum wage is another creation of big business, as an attack to crush the middle class and cripple those below middle class.

Giants such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi, ABC, NBC, Merk, etc… can afford to pay a $15 per hour minimum wage, but neither the middle class struggling Mom & Pop, nor your average “Start-Up” can afford such starting wages.

This is not an attack on or against Capitalism; though it is believed to be just that by many on the Political Left, but is something which produces the designed results in further consolidation of power, control and wealth, for the fat-cats.

This rush towards a ridiculous notion that higher minimum wages will get more people into a “living wage” bracket or lifestyle, is simply preposterous to even consider.

All one has to do is look around the country to see what is happening in places such as Seattle, San Francisco, and even New York City, where the implementation of this ever-increasing path towards $15 per hour, hurts employees with cuts in hours and benefits available, prices of all goods and services being increased by the “Owners’, to compensate their new payroll figures, and just how many businesses are simply downsizing, closing their doors, or moving out of state.

The political move by the Left is under the delusion that the “owners” having to pay these increased wages, somehow helps towards leveling the playing field between the owner, management, and “Labor”. (I’m suddenly reminded of the bourgeoisie and proletariat arguments of Karl Marx)

Some even foolishly believing that this increase in the minimum wage somehow punishes the big boys.

All they do is raise the costs for their products and/or services, and it’s still the little guy/consumer, that suffers.

This tactic is anything but new in society.

Communism existed long before anyone coined this term/word, as is true of any and all forms of Leftist ideology with respect to governments, and the people they govern.

Socialism is merely an economic vehicle used on the road to Communism; Karl Marx knew this, as did Comrades Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin, Hugo Chavez, and even Fidel Castro.

The Left almost universally presents us with the promise of a more utopian existence for all but this is merely a tactic and a ploy, to gain the support of the fools being used, to further enrich their controllers, widening the gap even further between the haves and the have-nots.

In even the best imagined utopian societies, there will always be the few at the top, who are hoarding-off the best and most for themselves, while distributing the scraps amongst the subservient peasants, and killing off those that actively resist.

The Socialist Utopia does not exist, except in the dreams of fools, and political plans of those who know such methods only benefit those in power.

Socialism, Communism, Marxism, Progressivism, etc… are not only all Leftist and Liberal, but they are also Statist at their core.

This is merely one more reflection of the R.A.F.O.N. at work, throughout history.


KKK 2.0

Contrary to incorrect perceptions of their photographs that I have slightly altered here, I wouldn’t dream of suggesting these model citizens of being White Supremacist; which is why I include the “2.0” reference.

The Next Generation

Klown #1 (From the Left)

33 year old Thomas Massey here was one of the 230 rioters arrested on Trump’s inauguration day fiasco, where; a newspaper report notes he said (About the riots/protests that day) – “I think there should have been more violence yesterday,” 

Klown #2

37 year old Joseph Alcoff, who goes by the names of “Chepe” and “Jose Martin”, and is a “leader” in a Washington, D.C. chapter of Antifa, called “Smash Racism DC” (Remember that name) – also stars in a video, spitting at the camera operator, and shouting “I’m a communist, mother%$#ker” – Smash Racism DC was also involved with Senator Ted Cruz being chased from a restaurant. As well as showing up at the home of Fox News host Tucker Carlson, in November.

Klown #3

33 year old Thomas Keenan, also a “leader” of an Antifa group out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Our 3rd hero in this story was arrested in 2011; along with Klown #2, in Bordertown, New Jersey, for rioting.

Contrary to incorrect perceptions of their photographs that I have slightly altered here, I wouldn’t dream of suggesting these model citizens of being White Supremacist; which is why I include the “2.0” reference.

These 3 gentlemen were arrested (Alcoff separately from Klowns 1 and 2, which were arrested at the same time) in the City of “Brotherly love” (Philadelphia, PA) for being among a reported 10-12 Antifa members who violently attacked 2 out of uniform U.S. Marines: Alejandro Godinez and Luis Torres, who were in town for a Marine Ball.

As the confrontation occurred, the two Marines were asked if they were “Proud Boys” (far-right neo-fascist organization), they were then called Nazis and White Supremacists; and were even spit on and one of the Marines had his cell phone stolen. Alejandro Godinez hollered out “I’m Mexican”, and the Marines were then referred to as “wetbacks” and “spics”.

Alcoff leads a group called “Smash Racism”, falsely presents himself as being a Hispanic person, and gets arrested (partly) for calling two Hispanic Marines, this plethora of racial slurs.

This is pure Leftist irony my friends.

Liberals are supposed to be against racism, yet these 3 clowns get arrested (in part) for racist actions and slurs against two Hispanic U.S. Marines.

The “2.0” reference in my photo of these 3 winners, is because the ideology “supremacy” is the same, even if it finds different targets to vent its anger and frustrations out on.

Those on the Liberal Left are (often proudly admitted) Communists and Socialists; and while their protests and/or demonstrations have mostly been peaceful since the 60’s, today’s Liberals are openly violent and destructive; increasingly so since the rise of former U.S. President Barack Obama.

Klown #2 was charged with 17 counts (including numerous felonies), has a criminal record, and winds up getting bail of only $15,000 dollars – the two other Klowns are also out on minor bail amounts.

While this may be 2019, my wife still remembers having to study and learn about Communism, in public schools in the 50’s and 60’s, but today’s Liberals are a far-cry from their 50’s and 60’s predecessors.

While the greater majority of Leftist Liberals play fast and loose about being Communists and/or Socialists themselves, there are many who are too stupid to go along with the cover-story, and just come right out and say they are. This is a natural reoccurring theme, the more power a group believes they have.

Though these 3 should be languishing in prison for a couple decades each, I have no doubt they’ll be in the news again, for many years to come. As inept as our government and judicial systems are, these 3 will be further recruited for their “talents” at public disruption, violence and chaos.

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