Our Pledge

Our pledge in producing and providing information to the public, is truth and nothing less. This IS NOT a Satire or “other” Fake News Website.

This does not mean no bias will be shown on this website, or through the linked articles/information we provide.

This also does not mean we can’t be fooled by such/said Satire or “other” Fake News Websites, or other individuals and/or organizations that are out to skew information through misinformation and disinformation, but we will do our best due diligence in this effort.

Notwithstanding that people do have a plethora of disagreements with respect to bias, slant, political leanings, etc… if you discover incorrect information (NOT opposing opinion) on this website, please contact us @ RafonReport@gmail.com Mention the article/title/item and “correction” in the subject line.

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God Bless you and God Bless America