The True Face of Islam

It pretends to be a Theocracy, and that alone should scare the hell out of those on the “Left”; especially the Woman, the Atheist, the Agnostic, and the Homosexual, yet this microcosm of those on the political Left are some of Islam’s most vocal supporters.

Said Machaouat l?uomo sospettato per l’omicidio di Stefano Leo ai Murazzi del po mentre viene portato in carcere dai carabinieri, Torino, 1 aprile 2019. ANSA/ ALESSANDRO DI MARCO

The PIG pictured above stabbed a man to death; he had this to say about it:

“I chose to kill that young man because he looked happy. I couldn’t stand his happiness.”

This is real Islam.

This is the real Islam that political correctness is painting as the extremist, lone-gunman/bomber, lone-wolf, etc…

Cultural Jihad happens all around us, daily.

This guy was sloppy and only killed one, but with any luck in European courts, he’ll be out in 5 years on good behavior or pity.

The Qur’an plainly states

“Slay the infidel, wherever you find him”

The Islamic apologists will state this is only in open warfare.

No shit!

Islam is in a constant state of war with the world.

Their God demands it, their Prophet set their example, their scriptures prescribe it, and their Shariah Law ensures it all.

Bit by Bit and Piece by Piece.

Such examples are not radicals, extremists or lone/perpetrators within Islam, they are the fundamentally devout; and the “moderate/peaceful” Muslim the world tries to uphold as a beacon of true Islam, is considered an infidel within Islam, and this is why those Muslims who do not engage in this globalist jihad, are the #1 enemies of Islam.

Their own apostates.

We’re all being lied to.

We’re being programmed.

We’re being indoctrinated.

We’re being subjected, and most of us are simply submitting.

Go look at places like Pakistan, Iran, Egypt, and Afghanistan in the ’50s to the ’70s………………………………now look at them in comparison to their modern day contemporaries.

Islam is a tool in the hands of the Globalist Elite, and this far above and beyond any simplified Left/Right political game.

Albert Pike

32 years as the Sovereign Grand Commander of the Scottish Rite’s (Freemasonry) Southern Jurisdiction, Captain (Mexican–American War) and subsequent Brigadier-General (Civil War), Author, Lawyer, and all-around nasty-man.

The Gem from history (Who has the only outdoor Confederate Monument in Washington D.C.) said “they” control Islam.

You can write this off as conspiracy theory so you can sleep better at night, and continue to walk and talk in ignorance during the day, but this is just one piece of history that tells this truth.

Islam is one of this world’s greatest threats, dangers, and cancers, and needs to be eradicated.

Remove all the conspiracy theories if you want, but Islam is bent on world domination and submission, by any violent means necessary.

It pretends to be a Theocracy, and that alone should scare the hell out of those on the “Left”; especially the Woman, the Atheist, the Agnostic, and the Homosexual, yet this microcosm of those on the political Left are some of Islam’s most vocal supporters.

I’ll give ya that most of em are simply brain-dead robots, following the orders of their programming indoctrination, but let’s not forget about the actual Muslims who infiltrate and are taking over the Democrat party and platform.

The Left won and Stalin took power.

The Left won and Castro took power.

The Left won and Pol-Pot took power.

The Left won and Hitler took power.

All because as it says in America’s Declaration of Independence:

“accordingly all experience hath shewn that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed”

Still true today.

Most people will walk themselves to the train-cars.

There’s also lots of BIG money involved in this global orchestration.

But you can go back to sleep now.

J.W. – The R.A.F.O.N. Report

Islam and the 1 World Order

Islam is A tool for the Globalist Puppet Masters

America’s first Female Muslim U.S. Representative to Congress – Rashida Tlaib, has bad-mouthed America, the President, and Citizens of America……………………..

Among other things, this tolerant and loving Leftist has called Trump a (Mother F$*ker) and some Republicans are up-in-arms over it.

Forget the foul-mouth; that’s just a diversion through the Distraction Media Theater Complex.

Now, this woman has called for the overthrow of our government.

She openly proclaims sedition…………………………………and is in Congress!

Islam is; among other things, a tool.

Think about it………………

Islam wants a one world government and religion.

That’s exactly what the so-termed “Elite” want.

This isn’t coincidence, but is orchestrated.

While the Elite don’t mind getting their own hands dirty on occasion, they much prefer others carry out their carnage on mankind.

Islam is a highly efficient and very effective wrecking ball in time.

Islam expanded by open warfare from its founding, until 1924 and the dissolving of the Ottoman Empire.

Islamic warfare since has been covert and underground, but like all movements which witness progress; and gain power and wealth, they’re much more out in the open once again.

The Liberal Media and their faithful followers, provide “cover” by pretending the honor-killings, acid attacks, gang rapes, suicide vest bombings, train bombings, beheadings, etc… that have exploded across the globe since 1924, are supposedly only radicals, extremists, etc…who don’t really represent Islam, but are simply religious fanatics…..

Look at the Islamic carnage over the last century…………………What a terrific force to have “on your side”, so long as you control them.

As this world “Elite” has proven its capabilities on numerous occasions throughout time, they can eliminate their enemies any time they choose to.

Islam is one of this global elite’s most powerful tools of destruction to date.

A secondary dangerous aspect to this reality, is that much of those within Islam, actually believe they are winning.

Again, pay attention to the bigger picture; far too many get lost in the swamps of detail mining.

Notice this much

This woman openly proclaims sedition…………………………………and is in Congress!

That tells you our own government is in on the whole act.

Obama still praises Islam any and every chance he gets.

I remember his saying “Islam has been woven into the Fabric of our Country Since its Founding”

That’s because our first foreign war (Not on U.S. Soil) was against Islamic leaders, militants, pirates and slave drivers (years 1801-1815) who were attacking ships in the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean; many which were merchant and/or passenger ships heading towards/returning from the Americas.

He neglected to mention this little tidbit.

It’s too bad Obama actually thinks he’s one of the real top elite.

He’s a puppet who continues to dance on stage, whenever his controllers pull his strings.

Presidents know where MANY of their limits are, and are often reminded by their own “Handlers”.

Islam is a real problem and threat; while there may be bigger fish to fry in regards to the real players, movers and shakers, 

Islam is growing like wildfire.

It is in their holy books that they are to rule wherever the sole’s of their feet stand.

Muslims are commanded to subjugate every person on the planet

You have 3 choices when they come for you: 

Convert to Islam (And probably get killed right after)

Submit to the Jizyah

A per person yearly tax placed on all on non-Muslims; “called dhimma” who reside in lands governed by Islamic law. 

Our historical revisionist friends would like us to believe this was only restricted to certain parts of the Ottoman Empire, but this is neither its only existence in history, nor is it much different than the blackmail Muslims extort from foreign countries, in exchange for weak promises of non-aggression. 

Thomas Jefferson once said something to the tune of “Millions for War, but not one penny for Tribute” 😉 Notice that last cute part?


Makes it sound almost harmless.

Except the U.S. had been paying numerous Islamic hordes, millions of dollars every year, in (Blackmail/Protection Money/Extortion) Tribute.

In the Old Testament, we see Israel do this to other Nations, as well as often paying such “tax” to other Nations, depending on whom was in power over one another.

Israel became a client-kingdom/vassal or city-state of Rome in the 1st century B.C. who placed this tax (Tribute) against the Israelites (and other Nations).

Again: while Islam is an effective wrecking ball in the globalist efforts of this world’s “Elite”; they should also be seen as a representative manifestation of the forces that destroy societies, in a never-ending process I call the “Rise and Fall of Nations”, except Islam is on the “fall” piece of that equation.

I didn’t coin this “Rise and Fall of Nations” phrase, but I do use it an acronym (R.A.F.O.N.) form, for an effort I refer to as “The R.A.F.O.N. Report” 

Been laying groundwork on this for 4 years.

We’re about to begin our podcasts.

Again, this woman’s antics are largely for show.

Another fine orchestration brought to you by the Distraction Media Theater Complex. 

Her highest crime is that she wants America destroyed, leaving only Islam to stand on its ashes.

BTW, that 3rd option in Islam’s global conquest?