Art imitates Life /Life imitates Art

Most people are familiar with the concept that Art often imitates Life: Painters capture moments of life and immortalize them in their masterpieces. A sculptor will eye out the perfect slab of marble or alabaster, to sculpt out an image of a Caesar, King, a great Military Leader, President, Prime Minister, etc… As a writer and poet myself, I often write of and about all kinds of aspects of life, whether real-life events that happen to me, people I know, stories I’ve heard or read of, or simply from my own imagination.

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Conspiracy Theory: Fact, Fiction, or something in between?

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I’ve chased so many conspiracy theories over the years, so I often find it intriguing as others run across some of these conspiracy theories (so many years later). I’m seeing many of them being sewn together as time progresses.

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