The Cannabis Genie

Big Industry (And Racism) is what got this plant criminalized, and Big Industry is in an all-out panic now that Industrial Hemp has been removed from the Fed’s blockade.

Hemp (Left) / Marijuana (Right)

Industrial Hemp is not Marijuana, so set that aside for a moment.

Also, set aside any/all medicinal claims/benefits, just for a moment.

Marijuana’s “High” is from high levels of THC.

Hemp and Marijuana are two strains of the Cannabis plant.

Industrial Hemp is largely a simple agricultural product; providing mankind with items such as Building materials, Rope, Linens/Fabrics, Paper products, Bio-degradable Plastics, Cosmetics/Body Care, Animal Feed/Bedding, Fuels/Oils, and Food/Nutrition.

A primary product of Industrial Hemp is its massive seed production: these seeds house our most essential amino acids, in addition to providing us with some of the longest burning oil known to man.

The cannabis plant (Both Hemp and Marijuana) contains a chemical compound known as Phyto- (Plant-Based) Cannabinoids (CBD) and it is from this chemical, where accepted science is beginning to admit to its human-health, healing and/or curative properties.

Hemp has extremely low levels of THC so it won’t get you high; whereas Marijuana is specifically cultivated for its THC content, though it has a nearly identical Cannabinoid (CBD) value as well.

Our human body has its own Endocannabinoid System and the Cannabinoids cultivated from these two plants attach themselves to cannabinoid receptors and provide a plethora of benefits to the human body.

Though the human body does produce some of these cannabinoids, the phyto-cannabinoids from hemp and marijuana are extremely important additions all should consider.

Cannabis (Hemp and Marijuana) is the single greatest productive agricultural product on earth.

America should have millions of acres of Hemp growing.

To our health?

One article notes: (Source –

“Cannabis/Hemp is not unique in having all the essential amino acids in its embryonic seed. Flax seeds also contain all the essential amino acids as do many other seeds in the plant kingdom. What is unique about hemp seed protein is that 65% of it is globulin edistin. That is the highest in the plant kingdom.

Globulins are one of seven classes of simple proteins. Simple proteins are constructed from amino acids and contain no non-protein substances. Globulins are in seeds and animal blood. Edistins are found in seeds; serum globulin is in blood. Edistins are plant globulins. And globulins along with albumins are classified as globular proteins. All enzymes, antibodies, many hormones, hemoglobin and fibrogin (the body converts fibrogin into non-soluble, fibrin, a blood clotting agent) are globular proteins. They carry out the main work of living”

Big Industry (And Racism) is what got this plant criminalized, and Big Industry is in an all-out panic now that Industrial Hemp has been removed from the Fed’s blockade.

Lobbyists are hammering politicians over this.

The history’s been proven about this plant’s efficacy on mankind.

It’s time to drop the demon-complex attached to it.

For the production of simple paper, which requires wood pulp:

Consider an acre of trees, aged 7 years = 1 crop-harvest for wood pulp.

That same acre with Industrial Hemp could produce 2-4 harvests per year (depending on location, climate, etc…).

Average 3 crop-harvests per year x 7 years = 21 harvests of Cannabis, versus 1 harvest of wood pulp trees, over the same time frame, on one acre of land.

That’s not only a lot of product, but it’s a tremendous profit for the numerous businesses that Cannabis will fuel.

Trust that the government will be watching this new growth of Industrial Hemp, with a fine-toothed comb………and there will always be regulation, but you watch this industry explode in the next 3-5 years.

There is a lot of hesitancy on lawmakers, in allowing this to move forward, unimpeded.

Considering all the businesses that Hemp can (and will) dominate, Lobbyists are throwing money at politicians and law enforcement, in hopes of reigning in the level and speed of growth, if nothing else.

I believe the Genie is out of the Bottle, and only Federal regulation will put it back in that bottle……………………………and I have every expectation they will, again.

To the end that Recreational Marijuana is likewise being legalized all over the country, 11 states; such as Colorado, California, and Alaska have found out, there are literally billions of tax dollars at stake, and that is per state.

While I fully believe both strains of this plant do offer mankind tremendous healing and/or curative properties, that’s for additional articles.

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