Tit for Tat

I refuse to enter the “tit for tat” attempts by Leftists; especially when they won’t admit fault on anything, to begin with.

We can talk about Trump’s faults

We can talk about Bush Jr’s faults

We can talk about Bush Sr.’s faults

We can talk about Reagan’s faults

We can talk about Ford’s faults

We can talk about Nixon’s faults


But you bring up things such as Biden’s penchant for children, or Kamala’s lay-for-play career rise, Hillary’s Server, or Barack’s sacrificing our men in Benghazi, and it’s excuse, after excuse, after excuse, after excuse.

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2020 Election Master-Plan for the Right:

Hold the line!

Keep the faith!

Trust the plan!

Mass Chaos is coming but is being micromanaged at the moment.

The Puppet-Masters know Trump will emerge victoriously, eventually.

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Has the “Left” changed?

If you’re a Leftist, this will probably trigger you, but I don’t care. Many certain conversations need to be taking place but are all-too-often hushed, muffled, and violently forced into politically correct safe-spaces, so those on the Left never really have to confront, or face, their realities.

This fact alone helps explain why these sociological “volcanoes” fluctuate through phases of dormancy, activity, occasional eruptions, catastrophic explosions, and man’s responses: most of which are seldom true solutions, and all-too-often, are mere cosmetic patches, only meant to appear as having been addressed.

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Remember R.A.F.O.N.

Do you know why history records no successful long-term “Socialist” Empires? Because none have ever existed.

As time’s pendulum swings, the Builders and Destroyers take turns. Societies, Kingdoms, and Empires arise because the Builders desire beauty, comfort, and ease.

The Destroyers are those who lust after what others create: as the virus they are, they attach themselves to the host, drain the life from them, and then toss them aside.

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