I really need somebody to explain this shit, and I want Trump to address this problem. I take it that seriously

The subject for my next Youtube Podcast on The R.A.F.O.N. Report.

MN. Representative Ilhan Omar

Congress-Woman Ms. Omar says (About America) ” “is not going to be the country of white people.”

I really need somebody to explain this shit, and I want Trump to address this problem. I take it that seriously

I believe I’m genuinely triggered about this……………………..

I want to know why OPEN and BLATANT racism against Whites is legal in this country

I want to know why it’s allowed, encouraged, and promoted

This isn’t about Ms. Omar; she is merely an example I chose

This isn’t about her being Black

This isn’t about her having breasts or a vagina

This isn’t about her being a female; if that’s her preferred pronoun 😉

This isn’t about her being from Somalia

On the streets of New York City (And other places around the country), Black Hebrew Israelites are LEGALLY allowed to stand on public sidewalks and hurl their racism at Whites and even Asians

Universities now offer courses promoting racism towards Whites; with countless faculty, staff, etc… promoting racism against Whites

Entities under the umbrella of Black Lives Matter, openly admit they want revenge against the Whites, for slavery and other White-Power BULLSHIT

Countless Hispanic agencies, entities, and personas, proudly and loudly engage in racism against Whites on a daily basis, all over this country

Newspapers, Books, Movies, Songs, Billboards, Theatrical Plays, etc…. all produce anti-White rhetoric

Multitudes of State Government Employees are openly racist against Whites

Multitudes of Muslims in America (Including Ms. Omar specifically) openly spew racist venom against Whites

Now it’s being shouted from our Congressional Representatives, on a much grander scale than ever before; especially with the Left’s newest spokes-people: Omar, Talib, Cortez, etc…

It’s tolerated, protected; and even defended by countless law enforcement agencies; and government municipalities across America

Even businesses across the country are engaging in open racist policies towards Whites

Then we have the “Honorable” “Reverend”, Louis Farrakhan, who openly says the Whites are the Devil and deserve to be slaughtered

We can add Reverends Jessie Jackson and Al (Not-So) Sharpton to that list as well

Racism will never end in this world, but this Anti-White breed is some serious shit that’s gonna hit the fan eventually.

For all their bluster about true instances of White Racism, their Anti-White rhetoric is awakening a monster they do not want to be released; and another sad aspect of this is that these people don’t even realize just how much they’re being used and manipulated, by some of the very people that want a majority of us all dead

Anti-White Racism is only one tool in the box for those who specialize in the Plantation Politic’s agenda of the Elite’s Divide & Conquer scheme, and it’s awakening an entity that was “largely” asleep, for many decades.

As a student of world history; and even though racism will always exist, this “round” is not going to end well.

With all the hatred and rhetoric against White people, I remind others of history that precedes us………….

You’re watching a complete repeat of how so many Whites grew to accept, embrace, love and defend racism against Black people.

We all know how that ended up, but fools do not learn.

© 2019 J.W.


We are Dismantling the Beast, one piece at a time.