My Faith

I believe it only right to put my own “faith” out for public inspection (not approval) so I’ll make this as simple as I can.

I am a Christian, but do not confuse me with a fundamentalist who preaches sin, hellfire and brimstone.

I’m not here to judge your relationship with the Creator; and I’m not here to have others judge my own.

I will point out things I see as right and wrong, good and bad, etc… but I’m just as human and as fallible as anyone else.

I’m not the Messiah/Savior, so while we can have some good discussions or even great arguments, whether you’re going to heaven or hell, simply isn’t in my thinking. I believe this better leaves the doors of communication, open.

I will stand up for what I believe in, and I fully wish others stay true to what they accept as evidence, unless they reach such time as those beliefs, become previous beliefs, due to new beliefs.

As far as how you live your lives?

I’m a simple guy, so I’m perfectly content with “cause no injury” and “do no harm”, which is basic common law for civilized human beings to live among one-another.

I’d be thrilled if you gloried in God and Christ in your life on occasion, but even if Christianity or Religion aren’t really your “thing”? I’m ok with that as well, so long as we both continue to uphold “cause no injury” and “do no harm”.

Don’t ask me to sacrifice my morals, my principles, my ethics, my values, etc… not in my private life, nor in any other aspect of my life.

With as much disdain I have for political correctness, I’m equally as vigilant against a lot of things I’d classify as religious correctness.

Again, I am a Christian; and that means I believe Christ is the only way to the big dance beyond this human existence, but I do not require this of you.

Don’t think I won’t try to convince you, but I’d more hope to do that through my words, actions and life, rather than getting all religious and trying to “save your soul”

Hope this isn’t too tough for anyone.

Believer or Non-Believer, God bless you.

J.W. Bowers