How to argue: Ad Hominem?

Ad Hominem: Arguing against the person rather than the position they hold.

You’ll see this being argued against a lot in religious conversations, but politics owns the rights to this tactic, and Leftists make an art form out of this method of argumentation.

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Road to 2020

Like the Democrats, the Republicans now have 2 years to find and lock into a 2020 strategy.

The 2018 Mid-Term result for the “House” is not a referendum on Trump; 27 (as of this printing) flipped seats for the Democrats, is a net 6% change in the House make-up.

Though not a referendum on Trump, Republicans should be focused in on those 27 districts.

Republicans lost the House; while gaining in the Senate does bring some comfort, it should be a short-lived comfort, with a quick return to vigilance for 2020.

As one who does not trust our current voting processes, I still believe the Republican’s greatest enemy, is within.

Some call them Neo-Con, others call them RINO; and I even saw a newer term this election cycle: Transpublican.

The Republican party needs a concentrated effort to gut the party of all these traitors within its party.

The Republican party needs an entry-level; and on-going, vetting process.

The Republican party is consistently sending inconsistent messages to those of us who prefer most political things to the political right.

Though I know thousands of litmus tests that have been suggested over time, how about we begin with something simple?

Do you believe America should be a free, independent and sovereign nation?

A truthful answer to that simple question, eliminates most Liberals immediately.

Political ideology has become so convoluted, the average voter isn’t sure what either party actually stands for, with consistency.

If we go back just 6-8 years, we’d find the Democrat party leadership seemed to be every bit as dogmatic over illegal immigration, as the average Republican today, but that ideology saw a 180 degree turn, as soon as Obama unleashed his true intentions on the subject.

I saw him talk tough on illegal immigration; I watched him do it repeatedly, but I also remember an interview where Presidential candidate Obama, said there could be no conversation of a “WALL”, until the immigration system and process is fixed.

That’s about as nonsensical as refusing to fix a busted water main, until all the damage it caused, was repaired.

I don’t pretend to believe one can have a sensible conversation with the overwhelming majority of Liberal “followers”, and the average person certainly doesn’t have opportunities to sit down with Democrat leadership, and question their motives and movements.

Maxine Waters does not believe the same on every item as Nancy Pelosi does, or Dianne Feinstein, or Chuck Schumer, etc… but where the Democrat party finds its greatest strength, it also reveals its greatest weakness.

The average Liberal follower will relinquish their individual differences with each-other, for the overall greater good of keeping the Democrat party in power. They will ban together, over myriads of items and issues that have nothing to do with them individually.

Though often (not exclusively) noble in intent, this often plagues so many, to sacrificing their own individual morals, principles, ethics, convictions and/or even previously held opinions, beliefs and/or feelings. This is where the Democrat/Liberal suffer from their own messiah complex.

While acknowledging that the average politician is an opportunist; who will support or fight against whatever is the most politically expedient for them at the time, I stand in awe at the levels of immorality, dishonesty and hypocrisy, among the average Democrat/Liberal followers.

Even in the previous paragraph, the average Democrat/Liberal, wants to immediately argue something not in the paragraph itself: “Oh, so you’re saying no Republicans are ever immoral, dishonest or hypocritical” or you’ll be beaten to death with countless examples of Republicans who were/are immoral, dishonest and/or hypocritical.

All in an effort, to prevent the actual conversation you were trying to have.

Liberal followers survive on what I refer to as D.E.A.D. arguments: They Distract, they Evade, they Avoid and they Deflect. Most of them simply are not educated on certain specific events, details, etc… so their self-defense mode kicks in, and they revert back to their previous programmed methods of Distracting, Evading, Avoiding and Deflecting.

I started the hashtag #Walkaway2 for an extremely specific reason: though the problem existed long before man had electricity and this thing we call the internet, non-liberals suffer tremendously with their own messiah complex; we need to “save” these people from the “ignorance” they suffer with, so as to minimize their numbers, efforts, destructive ways and resultant problems created.

Through my own internet experience with social media outlets, oppositional conversations between supporters of each political “side”, waste amazing amounts of time, arguing things and positions, they’re never going to see eye-to-eye on.

We’re spending entirely too much time, on efforts that are nearly always pointless, except for wasting our time, and working ourselves into countless frenzies.


Somewhat like Brandon Straka’s #Walkaway, #Walkaway2 is about distancing yourselves from destructive elements that work to keep us tied up in knots, rather than focusing on problems and solutions.

I’m sure I could write a 30 book series on “Plantation Politic’s” history of “Divide & Conquer”; and how this policy and system has been mastered by religion and secular government, for thousands of years.

Republican candidates and politicians now have 2 years to find and seal the “leaks” in Congress.

I think it’s time for true Conservatives and American Patriots, to stop arguing with the catastrophic flood waters of all that is Liberalism; and focus their attention on repairing the breeches that allow them to flow in the first place.

J.W. Bowers