The Art of Fauxpology

Between the Super-Cells of information (News) we have at our fingertips today, truth is one of the hardest things to disseminate, or uncover. As a 55 year old life-long resident of the U.S., I couldn’t even dream of offering a conclusive numeral for the sheer number of times I’ve seen/heard/read these faked apologies.

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Fauxpology: The art of offering a faked apology to express remorse, without sincerity.

Between the Super-Cells of information (News) we have at our fingertips today, truth is one of the hardest things to disseminate, or uncover. As a 55 year old life-long resident of the U.S., I couldn’t even dream of offering a conclusive numeral for the sheer number of times I’ve seen/heard/read these faked apologies.

I’m reminded of George Carlin, where he spoke to the National Press Club on the use of “soft words”, used to mask, cover-up or shield a person’s involvement, responsibility and/or guilt.

While the use of soft words/language isn’t necessarily an indication of wrong-doing or malice, their progression into fauxpologies is astounding in all levels of society. 

We’re all accustomed to children offering fauxpologies (to avoid discipline) but when it comes to the adult usage, the increase in levels of creativity and insincerity is beyond pandemic.

While this reality of/in the use of fauxpologies is recognized by most of us, many will sacrifice their own morals, principles, ethics, values, etc… when it comes time for them to use fauxpologies themselves, or when they support others in using them.

Politicians, Preachers, and Special Interests are where we see the majority of these in public life. Turn on your radio, television, cell phone or your computer, or pick up the daily newspaper; and on a daily basis, you’ll find somebody lying through their teeth, doing their best to deny any direct responsibility for their own words and/or actions, but latter attempting these fauxpologies.

Over and over and over again, we see actor/actress, sports figure, celebrity, politician, preacher, teacher, cop, judge, lawyer, newspaper/TV reporter/journalist/anchor, etc… caught in various scandals, only to begin their initial address to the public, in some form of adamant denial, eventually followed up by their own fauxpology.

A most recent rash of these faked apologies is now streaming towards viral sensation, in the wake of Nathan Phillips being discovered to have lied about being a Vietnam Veteran.

In source after source on an internet search, you can find numerous offices, agencies and/or other special interest connected entities, offering half-assed apologies, in trying to re-word Mr. Phillip’s claim to being a Vietnam Veteran.

Though I’m sure it will vanish from the internet soon (And though it was painful to sit through) I’ve watched a 36 minute video where Mr. Phillips openly claims to being a “Vietnam Veteran”, later stating “I don’t talk much about MY Vietnam Times”, but the Liberal/Leftist apology special interests and media are attempting to backtrack their own statements, and those of others who lied through their teeth in defending this fraud.

The man said “I am a Vietnam Veteran” but look at how some sources are offering what they call a correction/retraction/apology…

The Washington Post attempted a cover story by deflecting blame from Mr. Philips for his false statement about being a Vietnam Veteran – “Earlier versions of this story incorrectly said that Native American activist Nathan Phillips fought in the Vietnam War. Phillips served in the U.S. Marines from 1972 to 1976 but was never deployed to Vietnam

National Review parroted this delusion even further in reporting of this Washington Post fauxpology, with a headline introducing it as “WaPo Issues Correction after Falsely Labeling Nathan Phillips a Vietnam Vet”

So “WaPo” initially tries to “take the hit” by blaming their initial reports, rather than simply stating Mr. Phillips had intentionally lied about being a Vietnam Vet.

The “Detroit Free Press” also got in on their own half-assed correction, by stating their need to “Clarify” (If my statements need clarifying, I’ll do the clarifying myself) Mr. Phillips original statements by deferring to an anonymous “U.S. Marines spokesperson” to indicate “Phillips is a Vietnam-era veteran who served in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve from May 1972 to May 1976 and did not deploy to a war zone”. Even in this issuing of a faked “clarification”, we were fed another lie.

Not only was Mr. Phillips never deployed “to a war zone”, he was never deployed outside the United States.

Even good old “Snopes” had to get in on the act in trying to cover for this magnanimous lie of Mr. Phillips – Their posted articles asks “Did Nathan Phillips Falsely Claim He Was a Vietnam Veteran?

Yes, Yes, a thousand times YES!

Even though he succinctly stated “I am a Vietnam Vet”; and much like the “Detroit Free Press”, “WaPo” and numerous other entities, they snag another sound-byte from that same video (and subsequent interviews with Mr. Phillips) I watched, where Mr. Phillips also says “MY Vietnam Times”, in an effort to twist the complete lie, into a simple misunderstanding of what Mr. Phillips had “intended”.

Snopes goes on to say the “Claim” is that “Nathan Phillips falsely claimed to be a U.S. military veteran who served in the Vietnam War” but offer their “Rating” of such as “Unproven” and add:

Snopes Asks: – What’s True

“Native American activist Nathan Phillips said he served in the U.S. Marines and told news outlets that he was a “Vietnam-times” or “Vietnam-era” veteran”

This may very well be what he told “reporters” but I saw a video where he said he was a Vietnam Veteran, so this is only partially true.

This completely omits his actual declaration that he was a Vietnam Veteran.

Snopes Asks: – What’s False

“Contrary to what multiple news reports initially stated, Nathan Phillips was not deployed to Vietnam at any time during his military service”

Notice the blame-shifting again? “to what multiple news reports initially stated”, but wait a minute; what they initially stated, is what Mr. Phillips himself had already stated, at least once with the video I watched. Their addition of “Nathan Phillips was not deployed to Vietnam at any time during his military service” would have been fine, had it included “contrary to statements made by Mr. Phillips himself”, but that would be real and true unbiased reporting, and we don’t have that in today’s Mainstream Media.

Whether the child who falsely says “I’m sorry”, or the married adulterous spouse, to the Catholic Priest pedophile, to even our immoral and corrupt media; unless someone is simply a cold-hearted narcissist, the motivation behind the offering of these fauxpologies, is fear, or outright deceit.

I am 55 years old, but I can remember a time before the internet, where our news reporters and journalists, were our Social Justice Warriors, but as George Carlin himself would point out “Today SJW is any idiot walking down the street, with an opinion”

The Mainstream Media institution in America (And over much of the world) has fully transitioned from being society’s true SJW’s, to full time Activist whorish mouthpieces, who sell their morals, principles, values, ethics and their souls, read from a script/teleprompter, collect a check and go home.

They can’t even issue genuine apologies to the public any more, without another “slant” in their words.

Today’s Mainstream Media lies at will, and knows the majority of the public aren’t going to do a thing about it. Facts are not important in light of the Leftist narratives, so they can say whatever they wish, make up any facts they need; and if they do need to apologize/write a retraction, it’s only trying to save face.

Denzel Washington said it quite nicely in an interview when asked about the “Media”

“the need to be first, not even to be true anymore.”

“If you don’t read the newspaper, you’re uninformed. If you do read it, you’re misinformed,”

“In our society, now it’s just first — who cares, get it out there. We don’t care who it hurts. We don’t care who we destroy. We don’t care if it’s true,”

“Just say it, sell it. Anything you practice you’ll get good at — including BS.”

Nathaniel Phillips served approximately 4 years in the U.S. Marines, as a Private, who went AWOL more than once, and was “Discharged” but not “Honorably” as much of the Fake News (Special Interests)  are reporting.

How he claimed he was spit on and called a baby killer when he “came home” is another lie, as he was never deployed outside America.

Do your own research and stop being led around by this festering cesspool of slime, called the public (Mainstream) media.

© 2019 J.W. Bowers 

Mainstream Media – An Enemy Within

The Mainstream Media is one of the greatest enemies of people all over the world; and has been throughout its history.

I stress the “An Enemy” in the title because; while this Mainstream Media is an enemy of free people everywhere, they are not the only enemy we need be aware of.

Left Photo source –

Right Photo Source –

Contemporary (01/23/2019) example:

Tens of thousands of radio stations, newspapers, magazines, billboard companies, advertising agencies, websites, TV stations, etc… just told the world that a smirking teenager (Wearing a MAGA hat) was more offensive than an a man beating a drum in his face, and a group of Black Hebrew Israelites that were calling all the white kids: honkey, cracker, incest babies and faggots.

The Mainstream Media is one of the greatest enemies of free people all over the world; and has been throughout its history.

I’m not indicting every single person involved in/with this Mainstream Media, so I recognize there are some good, decent, and less evil people in this Mainstream Media, but since they’re not the problem, their presence isn’t an argument against the corruption, immorality, etc… of the Mainstream Media, that this article is addressing.

I won’t pretend to speak for other countries, but 99.9% of the Mainstream Media in America, is corrupt and immoral as hell.

Only 6 major corporations (GE, News-Corp, Disney, Viacom, Time-Warner, and CBS) run that 99% of our Mainstream Media in America………………..and they’re all International entities……………..

That should scare the hell out of people.

Scenario A

Get the masses to believe that tens of thousands of radio stations, newspapers, magazines, billboard companies, advertising agencies, websites, TV stations, etc… are all in on the same MASSIVE conspiracy (Theory or otherwise).

Scenario B

How hard is it to believe 6 Owners/CEO’s get together over cocktails, hatch a plan, then send it down-line to their subordinates, who then distribute this plan to those tens of thousands of radio stations, newspapers, magazines, billboard companies, advertising agencies, websites, TV stations, etc….?

I can tell you right now that those 6 Owners/CEO’s have the easier task.

They just light the fuse and retreat to a safe distance, so they’re not damaged, hurt, or scarred, by the explosions they craft, create, orchestrate, choreograph, and fund.

Again, the Mainstream Media is one of the greatest enemies of people all over the world; and has been throughout its history.

© 2019 J. W. Bowers

Build the Wall?

Illegal immigration isn’t new by any standards, but its primary uses should bother us just as much.

For purposes of this article, this has nothing to do with anyone who uses the system as designed, to become legal immigrants.

Having never experienced a need to flee a country due to political persecution, many of our friends on the Left believe that means I have no right to speak on the topic. Neither has any living Congress Member, had to flee political persecution in a foreign country!

That kind of logic wouldn’t allow a rapist a jury of their peers, unless the jurors were all rapists or rape victims.

While being extremely cognizant of those fleeing towards America for a better life; I still say, do it legally. There are no less than 9 places throughout Mexico where prospective immigrants can apply for asylum to America.

While the average idiot Leftist supporter on the street is completely oblivious to this (not that it would matter at all in reality), those who are pulling the strings of the Leftist hordes, are well aware of it.

Why would thousands of people “walk” more than 2,000 miles to California, instead of “walking” a little over 1,200 to Brownsville, Texas?

Because that was the planned destination from the beginning. California is well known for its share of Sanctuary Cities; and what a tremendous media firestorm this “Caravan” has been.

You had American Corporations involved with providing these fine folks with food, water, transportation, clothing, cash, cell phones; and champagne wishes and caviar dream.

This was orchestrated to be all it has been, and more. International Billionaire Liberal George Soros is well-entrenched in this as well, but he is far from alone.

I’m all for the “Wall” in addition to the war-chest of other methods employed to curb illegal immigration.

I do not believe funding the “Wall” is a real issue; its total costs are dwarfed by the sheer drain these illegals (who aren’t here to work, assimilate, etc…) do place on the country, but I question the will of Congress, to actually do it.

Though any numbers offered would be disputed by countless parties, I’m going to show a simple scenario.

A report prepared by the Democratic staff of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee (2017) estimated this wall would cost 70 billion to construct, with another 150 million per year to maintain.

According to “The Federation for American Immigration Reform” the estimated yearly costs of illegal immigrants is about 134 billion per year.

Also according to “The Federation for American Immigration Reform” millions of illegals work all over America; and those that do, who are not attempting to hide, pay 19+ billion per year in Local, State and Federal taxes.

This is how simple math escapes the minds of fools and idiots.

Total cost of illegal immigrants = 134 billion per year

Let’s credit their tax contributions towards this yearly cost.

New yearly cost of illegal immigrants = 134 – 19 = 115 billion

Can you do simple math? That’s how simple works from a purely economic standpoint.

Build Wall – 70 billion

1 Year later = Savings of 50+ billion, with the wall paid for; followed by a yearly savings of that 115 billion.

115 billion yearly surplus – 150 million per year maintenance = a No-Brainer.

Imagine the ways the Local/State and Federal Governments could mismanage such a “yearly” windfall.

Trying to even imagine the real numbers, is a fools errand, so examples will have to suffice.

Again, this Wall should not be seen by anyone, as something that will stop illegal immigration 100%; that’s merely an empty argument. At minimum, it would greatly curb it, and cost the tax-payers a lot less.

So our Local, State and Federal taxing agencies could save 115 billion dollars per year; with all the government waste that exists, why would they not want to pull this 115 billion in and continue to spend like drunken sailors?

It is simply because this constant influx of illegal immigration simply pays more, in numerous ways. Human, Sex, Guns and Drug Trafficking, being key.

My top reasons why Congress and our Government; and States, don’t actually want this wall?

Government Distractions – Keep the masses occupied while government continues robbing and molesting us for generations to come.

Cheap Labor – Need to keep that 19 billion coming in per year; and growing, so they’ll always have this crutch to lean on.

Media/Mass Programming – Every day, we’re all being told what to think, believe, feel, fear, honor, eat, buy, wear and drive, even about illegal immigration and this particular Caravan from Honduras.

Liberal Votes – This answers itself

Without a porous southern Border in America, the Democrat Party would be dead inside 1-2 generations: though again, their myriads of followers are oblivious for the most part, those running the show (Their Leaders/Movers/Shakers, etc)… absolutely know this, which is why they work so hard to keep illegal alien, sanctuary cities and border issues, constantly in the news and social media.

Allow me to restate this:

Build the Wall? Absolutely; and from Coast to Coast, but serious efforts are also needed, to prevent any/all American citizens, groups, corporations, etc. (Foreign or Domestic)…………………….from furthering this fiasco.

Criminal charges at minimum.

J.W. Bowers Jr.

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The “Fair Share” Myth:

So goes the average argument from a Liberal (Leftist) mindset:

“The (Extreme/Uber) wealthy, should not be allowed their “deductions” and “loopholes”, because that means they’re not paying their fair share” and this means government can’t provide enough subsidies for all (societal) socialist concerns.

Though the imagined/perceived arguments; and consequences and/or results of this are far too reaching for a single article on such subject, I’ll summarize with one: “If all such (Extreme/Uber) “wealthy” people paid their “fair share”, these (societal) socialist concerns (free education, healthcare, welfare, and other special interests) would benefit greater in comparison to their present status’

From this point, this innumerable plethora of “interests” are listed, labeled, identified, etc…and then the return to the endless progressive arguments, whose total end game/goal, is absolute Statism.

I couldn’t care less for the weasels who attempt to slither under the radar, for individual differences (Oh that’s not me, because ________________________________) because by such instant deflection, they prove they do not understand the end result (ignorance), or they’re simply (deceptive) lying to you.

To begin with: who decides this fair share amount/percentage, what all is it based on, who defines what fair means; and is it really fair to all concerned?

And with the simple insertion of such questioning, it has now successfully changed the focus of the conversation through the use of something I refer to as “D.E.A.D. arguments”, pointing to their distractive, evasive, avoidance and deflecting from the immediate topic.

Unless we’re discussing a flat rate/amount/percentage (already complex) and an outright revocation of the entire U.S. income tax code (replacement legislation needed), you’re still discussing a process that includes nearly 400 million Americans, who all should be considered in the process and application of such replacement system.

Every locale across the country is going to demand equal representation in such legislation considerations, with every city/county/state taxing board offering multitudes of ideas, proposals, suggestions, grievances, etc…

One of the reasons such difficult conversations are difficult with respect to those on the Liberal Left, is because basic facts, logic, math, science and deductive reasoning, are largely inadmissible in conversations with them about such topics; especially where it concerns contradiction or even correcting them.

Some facts and figures:

2017 U.S. GDP (Gross Domestic Product – Source = $18 (trillion), 485 Billion.

2017 U.S. Government Revenue – Source = $3.342 Trillion

$3,342 trillion / $18,485 Trillion = 18%

For 2017, “The federal deficit (SHORTFALL) in 2017 was $665 billion (Another 2/3rd trillion dollars – Source – which would have required the taking of an additional 3.5 percent of gross domestic product, to balance out for the year.

So we’ll use a conservative figure of 21%, are you willing to agree to a flat rate of 21% of your own income being handed over to the Federal Government? Do you believe that if applied to all “Employed” individuals equally, the Federal Government would raise enough income to meet its yearly budgetary expenditures?

It wouldn’t come close.

Though America did first see yearly deficit amounts of more than 1 trillion (nearly 2 trillion in 2010) during the Obama “recovery” period, our yearly deficits will exceed this on a regular basis, in only a few short years’ time.

And our yearly deficits and debts, are simply going to continue to climb (No matter the political affiliation of the Presidents or Politicians in each administration), until they can be propped up no more.

The website notes “The share of income earned by the top 1 percent of taxpayers fell to 19.0 percent in 2013. Their share of federal income taxes fell slightly to 37.8 percent”

In some 2015 findings:

The top 1% income earners have nearly a 20% share of Adjusted Gross Income.

Out of 100% of a pie, the top 1% of 2015 American taxpayers paid nearly 38% of the total tax bill.

According to the IRS Statistics of Income, Individual and Tax Share for 2015:

A. The top 5% of income earners in America 2015 paid more than 56% of total income taxes collected for 2015.

To show a blinding contrast:

B. The bottom 50% of income earners in America 2015, paid less than 3% of total income taxes collected for the same year.


So the Liberal Leftists want the top income earners to pay “more” so the top income earner’s “fair share” is even higher than it is currently, thus reducing the weight on those of more “modest” means?

This is the virus demanding more of its host in a quicker time frame; eventually, killing its host, and itself.

The top 25% of income earners in America 2015, paid more than 86% of all income tax revenue

Let’s rejoin our hypothetical 21% universally applied income tax; comparing this taxation rate with our 2 (A and B) examples above, who’s taking home more money, and who’s going to get sucker punched?

Basic math here will also show you the Federal Government would have collected far less in revenue (oops, taxes) overall; including far less from the top income earners, but exponentially more from those in the lower income brackets. After doing this, you’re still increasing your yearly deficit, which gets tacked onto the National Debt, and this goes on year in and year out.

In comparison to these 2015 figures, you can see why the Federal Government could never agree to such an overall low Fair or Flat, income tax rate of 21%. They’d be even deeper in debt each year; and eventually, that system is going to collapse.

With 25% of the country already footing 86% of the income tax bill, how much more “fair” could this be possibly made, without reducing overall revenues? It can’t.

The Liberal Leftists need to shut up about any “fair share” because the only “fair share” they’re actually interested in, is somebody else’s fair share of the bill, while (under their own systems) their own majority would be paying in even less than they currently are doing.

Simple Economics elude the average Liberal Leftist: it’s not so much basic math that they do not understand, but it is in accepting the realization of what the numbers not only do say, but how that affects all their given “special interests” preferences.

The balancing of an income tax system is tricky enough, but always seeking to punish those who earn more, only causes the producers themselves (Investors, Manufacturers, Owners, Share-Holders and Management) to raise prices on their goods and services, so their profit margins aren’t negatively affected, but your purchase power takes another hit.

The “Fair Share” Myth, is simply a lie.