The Contributors page contains a list of Contributors who write articles to post on The Rafon Report.

If you wish to become a Contributor, please read the following detailed information regarding any requirements or regulations. Then you may contact the site owner for more information and to be considered to be listed as a Contributor. Email us @, and remember to put “Become a Contributor”, when making your request, in the subject line.

Any/All submissions for consideration must align with the following guidelines:

Must be your original content, or otherwise credited with working source links.

No more than 500 words

Nothing illegal

No Pornography

No cursing/vulgarities

No Spam

All articles submitted are run through a website built-in plagiarizing tool. (Quotes, References, Citations permitted)

All submitted materials must be America based/centered/interested content; The R.A.F.O.N. Report does not seek to be overtaken with stories, people and/or events from countries outside America, as this greatly decreases and water’s down the presence of our America 1st policy.

The vast majority of problems we’re facing within America are not America only concerns, but a more concerted effort needs to be pursued, to focus in on problems in and with America, rather than be distracted and/or inundated with international news and events.

International parallel issues are acceptable content, so long as the article/information shows clear comparisons to items/issues in America.

The R.A.F.O.N. Report ownership does reside more on the “Right” side of the political spectrum, so no articles/information promoting any ideology that is Left of Center; we’re not interested in providing another platform that Liberals can hijack and takeover.

Updates to follow

J.W. Bowers