Front-End Communism

Front-End Communism is the slow and incremental introduction and proliferation of what will become full-blown Communism.

Front-End Communism is a charade, masked in virtue and morality.

Front-End Communism is what Leftist Politicians, University Professors, and special interests promote as the best way to move forward into a world where all are truly equal, yet history provides no examples of where this has been achieved.

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2020 Election Master-Plan for the Right:

Hold the line!

Keep the faith!

Trust the plan!

Mass Chaos is coming but is being micromanaged at the moment.

The Puppet-Masters know Trump will emerge victoriously, eventually.

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Has the “Left” changed?

If you’re a Leftist, this will probably trigger you, but I don’t care. Many certain conversations need to be taking place but are all-too-often hushed, muffled, and violently forced into politically correct safe-spaces, so those on the Left never really have to confront, or face, their realities.

This fact alone helps explain why these sociological “volcanoes” fluctuate through phases of dormancy, activity, occasional eruptions, catastrophic explosions, and man’s responses: most of which are seldom true solutions, and all-too-often, are mere cosmetic patches, only meant to appear as having been addressed.

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Black Lives Matter: Statist & Racist?

Three Women are credited as the Founders of the Black Lives Matter movement:

Patrisse Cullors, who has a degree in religion and philosophy from UCLA
Alicia Garza, who has a degree in anthropology and sociology.
Opal Ometi, the 3rd Co-Founder of Black Lives Matter worked the social media side of the movement.

I am aware that two of these three women have noted they are “trained Marxists” and I have neither reason nor evidence, to prove otherwise.

When my wife was in high school in the mid-late-’60s, public schools were still requiring students to learn of Communism’s threats to America, but this is non-existent in public schools today until you go to college and have it taught in glorifying history, adulation, and manner.

Those who forget the past (or don’t know it) are doomed to repeat it; whereas those who are aware of such history, are also doomed to this same fate, while trying to warn people to much of what is occurring, and being viewed as a lunatic.

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