Systemic Racism in America’s Law Enforcement?

So, I’m reading this article, and notice the following statement:

“Where there’s a lot of civilians that own guns, fatal police shootings happen more often,” Hemenway said”

Isn’t that like saying “Where there’s a lot of civilians that have lethal drugs, fatal drug overdoses happen more often”?

One objection I offer immediately to this proposed argument is that the word “civilians” needs to be replaced with “criminals”.

It is more contextual to say “Where there’s a lot of criminals that own guns, fatal police shootings happen more often,” Hemenway said”

David Hemenway, Professors of Health Policy at the Harvard School of Public Health, and has a B.A. and Ph.D. from Harvard University in economics.

This statement of his

“Where there’s a lot of civilians that own guns, fatal police shootings happen more often,”

This is nothing less than a Leftist attempting to blame society and the guns, rather than blaming the criminals who are responsible for the very creation of these statistics that are being studied.

Rather than lumping all civilians into one group, let’s not include law-abiding citizens.

This should be obvious because law-abiding citizens that are abiding by the law, aren’t getting into confrontations with law enforcement, that lead to fatal shootings.

A study noted in this article suggests that between 2015-2018, law enforcement in America were involved in an average 1,000 fatal shootings of criminal suspects, per year.

While there is an enormous amount of data surrounding each shooting which could be examined for the next 200 years, let’s just consider this total number of fatal shootings.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), in 2016, there were “37,461 people killed in 34,436 motor vehicle crashes”.

1,000 (law enforcement involved fatal shootings) divided by 365 days in a year = an average of 2.74 law enforcement involved fatal shootings, per day.

37,461 (people killed in motor vehicle crashes) divided by 365 days per year = 102 people killed in motor vehicle crashes, per day.

2.74 per day (In a country of over 320 million people), versus 102 per day?

That means you are (102 / 2.74) 37.2 times as likely to die in an automobile crash, then you are, being fatally shot by a law enforcement agent.

Of those killed by law enforcement agents (over this 4-year study), 23% were Black Males, and 45% were White Males.

So Whites (in these situations and confrontations) are nearly twice as likely to be fatally shot by a law enforcement agent.

No matter the endless string of arguments offered to suggest that America has an epidemic of White-Cop systemic racism in our law enforcement agencies, the numbers prove this wrong, each and every time.

Again, there is a virtually endless supply of information about these fatality involved shootings that are not mentioned here, but I’ve never liked arguments from silence, as their primary use is to cloud and confuse an otherwise, simple argument.

Pertinent and/or relevant data, variables, and/or factors can be gone over with a fine-toothed comb, but raw numbers always speak for themselves.

Are there racist cops among America’s 18,000+ police departments? Only a fool or an ideologue would dare say no, but the raw data used for this particular study, shows the idea of a systemic race problem, to be a patently false belief, notion, and/or idea.

An interesting article overall, but the Leftist overtones are bit much for my taste.

I’m J.W.

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The article I’m referencing

Police shot, killed nearly 1,000 in 2018

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