Pfizer COVID19 vaccine cripples & kills.

A Pfizer COVID19 rushed vaccine trial has revealed some gruesome, and fatal, results!

6 DEAD, so far!

Facebook’s Fact-Checkers tries to smooth over the catastrophic side effects of yet, one more vaccine.

“People got something but that doesn’t mean the vaccine caused it”

This is an excuse offered by nearly every pro-vaccine advocate when pressed on such horrific, and fatal, results.

Even though Pfizer admitted these adverse reactions are within the >>>>>expected<<<<< background range of the general population……………………………………………………………………………..

Notice the syringe

I found a study on the FDA (Food & Drug Association) Website, about this Pfizer rushed vaccine, but I want to highlight a small portion of one paragraph:

“Severe adverse reactions occurred in 0.0-4.6% of participants, were more frequent after Dose 2 than after Dose 1 and were generally less frequent in older adults (>55 years of age) (<2.8%) as compared to younger participants (≤4.6%)”

One thing I want to point out in relation to this study: you’re odds of having these “SEVERE” adverse reactions is (in America) higher than your odds of dying if infected with COVID19

“SEVERE” adverse reactions are (in America) <2.8 to <4.6% with the rushed vaccine, compared to a <2% fatality rate from being infected with COVID19.

They knew such things would happen to X percentage of those injected.

And, the odds are pretty damned high too.

Who volunteers to take a vaccine if they’re told upfront: this may sterilize you, and can make you severely handicapped, mentally ill, or dead?

How are most people told, if told at all?

Doctors and other healthcare advocates tell you about as fast as tv commercials do, at 90 mph.

And they always play the odds down – “Oh these risks are absolutely minuscule, so you have nothing to worry about”.

They’re openly and unapologetically lying to you.

The earlier mentioned FDA document also notes:

“The vaccine has been shown to elicit increased local and systemic adverse reactions as compared to those in the placebo arm, usually lasting a few days. The most common solicited adverse reactions were injection site reactions (84.1%), fatigue (62.9%), headache (55.1%),
muscle pain (38.3%), chills (31.9%), joint pain (23.6%), fever (14.2%)

Look at the rate of frequency of these “adverse reactions” in those that received this rushed vaccine, in comparison to those that (received a placebo) didn’t.

I am at a complete loss of words as to why America needs a vaccine for a disease/virus/infection that has a 99% or better survival rate for the overwhelming majority who are infected.

I say this facetiously of course, as I know this is one million percent more about money ($$$BILLIONS$$$) and controlling the population than it has anything to do with saving lives.

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