Our Pledge

Our pledge in producing and providing information to the public, is truth and nothing less. This IS NOT a Satire or “other” Fake News Website.

This does not mean no bias will be shown on this website, or through the linked articles/information we provide.

This also does not mean we can’t be fooled by such/said Satire or “other” Fake News Websites, or other individuals and/or organizations that are out to skew information through misinformation and disinformation, but we will do our best due diligence in this effort.

Notwithstanding that people do have a plethora of disagreements with respect to bias, slant, political leanings, etc… if you discover incorrect information (NOT opposing opinion) on this website, please contact us @ RafonReport@gmail.com Mention the article/title/item and “correction” in the subject line.

Thank you for visiting our website.

God Bless you and God Bless America

Jerry is a concerned citizen of the great country of the United States of America. Being a student of world history, he recognizes the left-leaning markers that are increasingly becoming ever more present in society: from the violent protests and marches, to Republican Campaign trail attacks against right-wing supporters, to the destruction of civil war monuments, to the safe-spaces and attacks against Conservative speakers on college campuses, to the left-wing hate speech that plagues the internet. Jerry knows the destructive paths and history of leftist movements such as Marxism, Communism, Socialism, and Fascism. He has decided it’s time for real Patriots to rise up.

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