COVID19/SARS-CoV-2 2nd Wave?

They’re trying to push the 2nd wave of COVID19/SARS-CoV-2.

COVID19 Paranoia

Of those who test positive for COVID19/SARS-CoV-2, America’s current fatality rate is 2.5%

September 28th Mortality rate was 2.8%

August 28th Mortality rate was 3.0%

July 28th Mortality rate was 3.4%

June 28th Mortality rate was 4.9%

May 28th Mortality rate was 5.8%

April 28th Mortality rate was 5.7%

March 28th Mortality rate was 4.9%

According to these statistics, we flattened the mortality rate curve from April to May, and it has fallen ever since.

Point of fact:

I just calculated this, and found it very interesting, as to its conclusions.

At present, according to

The United States has performed over 141 million tests for COVID19/SARS-CoV-2 infection.

30 days ago (September 28th) this number was at just over 105 million tests.

It took us 8 months (January to September 28th) to perform 105 million tests, and we’ve performed nearly 40 million (38%) more in only a month’s time.

For some reason, this is being promoted as a 2nd wave, when it is merely due to mass-testing.

The U.S. Statistics

October 28th total tests = 140,194,814

October 28th total cases = 9,120,751

October 28th total deaths = 233,130

September 28th total tests = 105,304,772

September 28th total cases = 7,358,968

September 28th total deaths = 209,756

August 28th total tests = 80,213,694

August 28th total cases = 6,094,187

August 28th total deaths = 185,865

In that same timeframe (September 28th – October 28th) America saw an increase of 23,374 deaths and nearly 2 million more positive cases.

In the previous 30 days (August 28th – September 28th) America saw an increase of 23,891 deaths and nearly 1.3 million more positive cases.

How do 700,000 more positive tests result in fewer deaths?

So, September 28th – October 28th saw an increase of nearly 38% in testing, a near 20% increase in positive cases, but saw a 4% lower fatality rate than the previous (August 28th – September 28th) 30 days.

Consider statistics also in this light

August 28th – September 28th

America saw 1,264,781 new cases, with 23,891 deaths

September 28th – October 28th

America saw 1,761,783 new cases, with 23,374 deaths

Nearly 500,000 more positive cases (by comparison) in a 30 day period, but with a substantially lower mortality rate among those who do test positive.

These conclusions are why the media; and pundits, are screaming about the numbers of those infected, and who die, but who are hush-hush over the numbers of those tested, and the mortality rate.

As the U.S. has a current population of 330 million, at what point does our testing total (141 million) begin to highlight even more of the lies behind this propagandized virus?

These figures alone (falsely) present the idea (to some) that 43% of America’s population has been tested for COVID19, but this neglects that many (Especially those who test positive) are tested multiple times.

This alone also causes me to question the “Total Cases” category on this website:

The present number of 9,179,074.

Is this sincerely 9,179,074 individual Americans who have tested positive for COVID19/SARS-CoV-2, or does this category also include the multiple positive tests, per person, over the course of their moving from infected to cured?

We may be certain the number of tests is climbing.

We may be certain that the number of those who test positive is climbing.

We may also be certain that the number of those dying, is likewise climbing.

But to deny the shrinking mortality rate, is only being done for shock and control purposes.

Again, testing is up, but the mortality rate is plummeting.

From a 5.8% high as of May 28th, to the present low of 2.5%

We have more than flattened the curve on mortality from COVID19/SARS-CoV-2.

I welcome all Fact-Checking of my numbers (Math) offered.

I am J.W.

© 2020

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