Bernie drops out again!

Bernie Sanders

On Wednesday, November 9th, 2016, I said Joe Biden would be the Democrat Front-Runner for 2020.

U.S. President Donald J. Trump

Now that Bernie’s dropped out (I’m sure he was paid handsomely), this seems a surety for Creepy Joe, but is it?

That prediction of mine came with a caveat; I said Biden would be the Democrat Front-Runner, unless or until Michelle Obama, or Oprah threw their hat into the ring.

I’m not too sure on Oprah any longer, but it remains a viable option for the political Left.

I believe Michelle Obama will stand-up and probably take the nomination through a “Brokered” Democrat Convention; tentatively (COVID19) slated to take place August 17–20, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

If either Oprah or Michelle do join the fray, I don’t believe it would be announced prior to the Democrat Convention.

As the Democrats stole the 2016 election from Bernie (and have done it again in 2020); and if the Democrats want to have any chance against Trump (Biden would be a disaster in a debate against Trump), they’ll need to also steal this election from Creepy Joe next, and insert a “Novelty” candidate.

Imagine this debate?

What better than a “Woman” candidate? What better than a Black “Woman” as the first female U.S. President in history?

A brokered-convention means that when the Democrat delegates cast their first-round vote at their convention, there will be no clear-winner, so voting will go to the second round.

This is where any “surprise” candidate can be chosen; and is also where the Democrat Super-Delegates come into play.

This is kind of along the same lines as the Vice-President being able to cast a deciding vote if the Senate ties on a particular vote.

Super-Delegates are not required to pledge their votes for any certain candidate (This rule-change was adopted by the Democrat National Committee on August 25, of 2018) and only vote in the event of a contested (No 1st-round clear winner) convention (And I believe they changed this rule, to set up the BIG SHOW they have planned)

At any rate, Burnie got burned again.

I am J.W. and this is the R.A.F.O.N. REPORT

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