Bernie drops out again!

Bernie Sanders

On Wednesday, November 9th, 2016, I said Joe Biden would be the Democrat Front-Runner for 2020.

U.S. President Donald J. Trump

Now that Bernie’s dropped out (I’m sure he was paid handsomely), this seems a surety for Creepy Joe, but is it?

That prediction of mine came with a caveat; I said Biden would be the Democrat Front-Runner, unless or until Michelle Obama, or Oprah threw their hat into the ring.

I’m not too sure on Oprah any longer, but it remains a viable option for the political Left.

I believe Michelle Obama will stand-up and probably take the nomination through a “Brokered” Democrat Convention; tentatively (COVID19) slated to take place August 17–20, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

If either Oprah or Michelle do join the fray, I don’t believe it would be announced prior to the Democrat Convention.

As the Democrats stole the 2016 election from Bernie (and have done it again in 2020); and if the Democrats want to have any chance against Trump (Biden would be a disaster in a debate against Trump), they’ll need to also steal this election from Creepy Joe next, and insert a “Novelty” candidate.

Imagine this debate?

What better than a “Woman” candidate? What better than a Black “Woman” as the first female U.S. President in history?

A brokered-convention means that when the Democrat delegates cast their first-round vote at their convention, there will be no clear-winner, so voting will go to the second round.

This is where any “surprise” candidate can be chosen; and is also where the Democrat Super-Delegates come into play.

This is kind of along the same lines as the Vice-President being able to cast a deciding vote if the Senate ties on a particular vote.

Super-Delegates are not required to pledge their votes for any certain candidate (This rule-change was adopted by the Democrat National Committee on August 25, of 2018) and only vote in the event of a contested (No 1st-round clear winner) convention (And I believe they changed this rule, to set up the BIG SHOW they have planned)

At any rate, Burnie got burned again.

I am J.W. and this is the R.A.F.O.N. REPORT

Jerry is a concerned citizen of the great country of the United States of America. Being a student of world history, he recognizes the left-leaning markers that are increasingly becoming ever more present in society: from the violent protests and marches, to Republican Campaign trail attacks against right-wing supporters, to the destruction of civil war monuments, to the safe-spaces and attacks against Conservative speakers on college campuses, to the left-wing hate speech that plagues the internet. Jerry knows the destructive paths and history of leftist movements such as Marxism, Communism, Socialism, and Fascism. He has decided it’s time for real Patriots to rise up.

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