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There’s room for Contributors! The site is intended to provide articles that are related to the topics of government, religion, economics, and history. Since open communication is something important and relevant to this site, to the podcast and a major goal of this project, new Contributors are welcomed always.

First of all, as a content provider of The RAFON Report, I want you to know that your personal information will never be sold, rented, or leased to any third-party for any reason. As a writer; and someone who cherishes being able to protect his own private and personal information, I offer the same respect to you.

A. Articles Submission Guidelines:

1. Articles should be introductory and/or explanatory, but not exhaustive. All articles should be approximately 500 words or less. Articles that require additional information/time can be discussed on podcasts with you as our special invited guest speakers.

2. All Contributors are required to provide a small “Bio” that will automatically be displayed below each and every one of your article submissions. Tell your readers a little about yourself, your interests, your areas of study and/or expertise, etc.…

3. Contributors may provide their first name, full name, or pen-name (Which is also referred to as a Nic-Name) and/or pseudonym, according to your personal preference.

B. Rules/Regulations for providing content for The RAFON Report:

1. The blog within this project is initially beginning with 5 primary areas of consideration: Current Events, Government, Religion, Economics, and History. This temporary umbrella does house a multitude of subtopics while we begin this effort on a simplified listing approach.

2. Don’t provide any information you do not want to be known by the general public.

3. No plagiarism: All articles submitted for consideration are run through before final approval for posting on our website.

4. No SPAM

5. No third-party links permitted unless directly related to your submitted content. The link must not be a conflict of interest related to Member Services of this site. Meaning, no competitive links that would be for the intended purposes of redirecting traffic for profit.

6. Do not upload or attach any document or link of any kind that may contain malicious software or would extract any personal information of any Member of this website, or may jeopardize the stability of this website. Doing so will result in automatic termination of your account and the removal of all previously published information and articles.

7. No Member will share their log-in credentials with any other Member or otherwise, nor suggest anyone other than themselves to log-in to their own personal account. We do track IP addresses for the safety and security of this website and for all Members, including yourself.

8. No promotion of anything illegal as described by pertaining to governing law.

9. No excessive cursing, cautioned use of the F-Bomb.

10. No Liberal or Leftist apologetics: I am not providing the “Left” with a platform on this stage.

11. No pornography whatsoever. Proper Authorities and Record-Keeping will be immediately notified if the content contains minors.

12. No vicious personal attacks of any person(s): I don’t care if you refer to Leftists as raving lunatics, but don’t let your own hate get the best of you.

13. Finally, I do not pay for content: this provides for an atmosphere of undue bias, preference, and/or preferential treatment.

14. Any additional Terms of Service can be found here.

15. The Privacy Policy can be found here.

C. Video Submission Guidelines:

All relevant rules above apply, and videos should be no longer than 5 minutes – to save bandwidth

You may contact the site owner for more information and to be considered for being listed as a Contributor. Be sure to select the appropriate option, “Become a Contributor”, when making your request.

Signed: JW
Date: July 29, 2018