America in Distress!

I stand corrected: a week before Christmas 2019, U.S. President Donald J. Trump has been impeached by the U.S. House of Representatives.

I have been rather adamant for a long time now, that this vote would never reach the Senate.

I blame myself 100%

To tell you the truth, this impeachment passage completely reaffirms a realization I’ve been hoping against for a long time.

I wanted so much to believe that America wasn’t lost, but I was wrong.

Though I still believe the Senate will shoot this down, I have reached the “fuck it” point.

It no longer matters to me, what the outcome will be in/with the Senate; in my mind, I have pulled America’s life-support plug.

What will become of America from this point forward?

As this impeachment vote has proven, I don’t have all the answers, and I am wrong at times.

All that aside? I think more along the lines of what I believe will emerge, after an imagined 2nd American Revolution.

Again, history is on my side regarding my prognosticating.

One need only be familiar with what has succeeded so many Socialist Country-failures before America’s.

The Socialism America now sees, is; realistically, still in its infancy stage. The saddest reality to this conclusion is that the absolute worst is yet to come.

It’s oft-repeated: Those who don’t know the past are doomed to repeat it. As a historian, I do agree with this statement, but it is incomplete.

Not only is it true that those ignorant of the past are (often) doomed to repeat it, those who aren’t ignorant of the past, are (often) doomed to repeat it because those who are ignorant of it, won’t listen to those who aren’t.

We’re called crack-pots, fear-mongers, and conspiracy theorists.

I think it would be just great if Trump survives this impeachment round, and goes on to serve another 4 years (though they’ll likely impeach him again) but I’m under no delusions any longer.

The 2nd American Revolution is well on its way, but its 1st shot is yet to be fired.

America is another chapter in the history of the world’s R.A.F.O.N. (Rise and Fall of Nations), she’s already seen her “Rise” and her Zenith, and she is experiencing her “Fall”.

Free people and free nations have numerous enemies throughout time.

America has numerous foreign (external) persons and powers against her.

America’s # 1 single-greatest enemies and threats are domestic (internal), and these are the most-pressing enemies that need to be extinguished by any/and all means or measures necessary if America is to have any hope of rising from the ashes, of an internal war that is long overdue.

America’s greatest domestic enemies are on two-fronts: those on our shores who wish to see America complete its transition into socialism and communism, and those on our shores who are too weak or unwilling to rise and be counted.

I hold genuine fear and trepidation for the future generation(s) that will have to answer that final question: Will America rise again, or will she be resigned to the history books?

I’m glad Donald J. Trump is America’s 45th President, and I am hopeful he will win a 2nd term, but I have no hope that America survives without a bloodbath that will rival all wars (foreign and domestic) that Americans have taken part of/in.

© 2019 JW Rafon

Jerry is a concerned citizen of the great country of the United States of America. Being a student of world history, he recognizes the left-leaning markers that are increasingly becoming ever more present in society: from the violent protests and marches, to Republican Campaign trail attacks against right-wing supporters, to the destruction of civil war monuments, to the safe-spaces and attacks against Conservative speakers on college campuses, to the left-wing hate speech that plagues the internet. Jerry knows the destructive paths and history of leftist movements such as Marxism, Communism, Socialism, and Fascism. He has decided it’s time for real Patriots to rise up.

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