American Revolution 2.0

For many decades, I’ve said America’s greatness strength, is also its greatest weakness: it’s that we’ll take abuse, and take it, and take it, and take it.

As much as America is a mirage of a replica of the old Roman Empire, what will emerge once the dust settles from our next revolution, will reach towards that again.

I do not believe the Leftists win this one. We’re a nation of over 200 million legal guns; and there are twice that many on the street.

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This is R.A.F.O.N.

I know this video will be scrubbed from the internet eventually, so I made my own copy of it because I want it to be available on one more social media outlet, for as long as possible.

I’m going to share this AGAIN. It’s just that necessary.

As one views news in America, it matters little where you seek, when all are sharing pictures and videos, of an America, on-fire.

Make no mistake about it, an overwhelming majority of the mayhem and devastation that Americans are witnessing right here in our own backyards is fully orchestrated and funded by some of the wealthiest people and corporations in America, and on the earth.

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Black Lives Matter: Statist & Racist?

Three Women are credited as the Founders of the Black Lives Matter movement:

Patrisse Cullors, who has a degree in religion and philosophy from UCLA
Alicia Garza, who has a degree in anthropology and sociology.
Opal Ometi, the 3rd Co-Founder of Black Lives Matter worked the social media side of the movement.

I am aware that two of these three women have noted they are “trained Marxists” and I have neither reason nor evidence, to prove otherwise.

When my wife was in high school in the mid-late-’60s, public schools were still requiring students to learn of Communism’s threats to America, but this is non-existent in public schools today until you go to college and have it taught in glorifying history, adulation, and manner.

Those who forget the past (or don’t know it) are doomed to repeat it; whereas those who are aware of such history, are also doomed to this same fate, while trying to warn people to much of what is occurring, and being viewed as a lunatic.

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