The Antebellum Years

Though exact dates in history are often the subject of higher criticism, America endured an era known as the “antebellum (Before the war) years” and this speaks (roughly) of an America; post War of 1812, up to the beginning of the Civil War in 1861.

Prior to this antebellum era, the American landscape was comprised almost exclusively of farmers and frontiersmen/woodsmen, but industry was moving forward at a never before seen pace: with the inventions and advancements of the water-powered rolling, cotton gin, steam engine, and other (mostly farming) machinery, America was rapidly changing from a loose connection of states to an industrial nation.

I found an interesting story of a man named Samuel Slater (Born 1768-Died 1835) – “The Father of the American Industrial Revolution” who moved from England to the U.S. in 1789 @ 21 years of age. Samuel came to the U.S. the year our Constitution was ratified by Congress. Samuel was in the U.S. long enough to witness our birth, the War of 1812 and the earliest years of this antebellum period.

Having worked in the textile/fabric factories in England (Built the 1st textile mills in the U.S.), Samuel brought a lot of advanced knowledge of the industry with him to the U.S.

From his emergence on the scene in 1789 until 1815 (End of the War of 1812) there were more than 140 cotton mills within 20 miles of Providence, Rhode Island; and Samuel owned 13 of his own before his death.

While the “South” was primarily known for its agriculture and shipping industries, the North; and Westward expansion, were witnessing not only this onslaught of industrial growth, but a great influx of people migrating to the larger cities.

From Virginia southward to Florida, and westward to the coasts of Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas, some of America’s greatest shipping ports were found: as the eventual Confederacy (South) would own nearly all eastern sea ports, the “South” was also harassed with increasing and massive import/export taxation and fees, by the Federal Government, though much of those imported goods were headed to people, homes and businesses, in the North.

Population, industrial and economic growths were the single largest contributing factors that gave the north a greater advantage in the ensuing Civil War of 1861-1865. The continued progression of free and slave states and territories, saw its infancy even before America declared independence from Great Britain, up to the ratification of the 13th amendment to the U.S. Constitution in 1865; which officially abolished slavery.

The abolition movement itself was furthered spurred on by other social movements such as women’s rights and labor movements: women’s suffrage itself almost lost its infancy fight for what would become the 19th amendment, due to many southern white women not wanting to stand on/with the abolition movement itself, with many believing that standing with abolitionists, would hurt their own cause.

This antebellum era saw some of the largest labor union movements in American history. In major cities such as Baltimore, Boston, Philadelphia, Cleveland, Detroit and New York, manufacturing was booming, but laborers suffered tremendously under 12-14 hour shifts, horrid and unsafe working conditions.

These long shifts, no benefits and dangerous working conditions were not exclusive to men only, with women and children comprising a good portion of labor positions in manufacturing. States; beginning with New Hampshire (1847) and Pennsylvania (1848), passed more and more legislation, protecting Union’s

Religion itself grew exponentially in the antebellum era, and played a major role in the abolition movement; as for many, slavery was indeed, a sin. In addition to slavery, this religious movement also played a role in the women’s movement, child labor, and other social and cultural areas of life, economic concerns and even political areas.

The antebellum era was also witness to the peak (1820-1850) of the “The 2nd Great Awakening” (1790-1850). A tremendous revival that focused largely on conversion to the Christian faith, a return to higher moral standards, condemnation of alcohol, and with a particular emphasis on curing many of society’s ills: slavery, women’s rights, and other things viewed as “sin”, in eager anticipation of the return of Christ. For many, a focus was to bring heaven to earth, by creating it through their own actions and piety.

As history records in its name, this “Antebellum” Era closes with the looming Civil War.

Our next segment in our History series.

A Post Slavery America? – Does it exist?

An investigative beginning of all things R.A.F.O.N. (Rise And Fall Of Nations)

Elements exist within the matrix framework that is R.A.F.O.N.; whereby the government itself, not only facilitates crime among the citizenry, but imports even more crime as domestic crime decreases.

It is well established those factions of the Alphabet Gang within the United States Government: FBI, CIA, DHS, NSA, DOJ, etc… instigate, fund and facilitate crimes all across the country, in addition to our foreign entanglements.

The inner-cities are the ripest ground for the easiest prey, because the poorest communities often offer the most plagued with opportunists: whether for drugs, guns, prostitution and other human trafficking, or even gang related crime.

America’s Government history of instigating, funding and facilitating crimes in these areas is well documented; from the crack epidemic, to random weapons and ammunition drop-offs at 3:00 in the morning, the inner-cities are America’s greatest cash crop to keep the courts, and for-profit jails and prisons, packed beyond capacity.

Every identity demographic (Race, Ethnicity, Religion, Sex, Sexual preference, Social status, Income, Political affiliation, etc…) that can be imagined, is further reduced to minority numbers of “victims” of any flavor: this tactic is widely used in the slavery institute and trade. I say “is” because as much as mankind has progressed as a whole against this evil institution, slavery still exists in numerous parts of the world.

Plantation Politics is best understood in how you pit one “group” against “another”, in order to assert greater control over the masses. Within the slave trade, darker slaves and light skinned slaves are pitted against each other; older and younger are pitted against one another, weaker against stronger, males and females pitted against each other, and the house slaves pitted against the field slaves.

Though the outright buying and selling of humans has been eradicated in the west, slavery itself was not altogether abolished, but was merely transformed into economic slavery; and for the greater overall population, versus the tiny minority that were actually involved in the slave trade.

Next installment of series will be “The Antebellum Years”

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#Walkaway2 and #LibBlock

Hashtag #Walkaway2

What is #Walkaway2?

#Walkaway2 is a piggy-backed operation that seeks to remove conservatives from engaging Liberals in any means of sensible, logical, fact-driven dialogue, debate, argument and/or response.

The original #Walkaway movement was begun by one Brandon Straka and can be found @ and is all over various social media outlets.

This campaign is a grassroots effort that seeks to encourage Liberals to leave the Democrat plantation (emphasis mine) primarily due to its promotion and use of in-house bullying and control tactics, intolerance, hatred, violence, anti-white, anti-christian, anti-heterosexual, hypocrisy and anti-American rhetoric.

Our own effort with #Walkaway2 is similar in effort, reasoning and approach, but rather than reaching out to those Liberals still on the Democrat plantation, we seek to encourage Non-Liberals, to cease all confrontation with Liberals.

We’re not looking for, nor are we interested in Trump robots, because this is about more than support for Trump and/or the Republican Party. The Republican Party is largely comprised of Neo-Cons and RINO’S, who are Liberal in their overall ideology, but feign being Republican, as an infiltration method to further their meddling, compromising with Democrats; and infamous obstructionism.

Having more than 20 years internet experience (More in “real-life”) in/with dialoguing with Liberals; and always allowing for the “exception to the rule”, the vast majority of Liberals simply have no real interest in genuine dialogue over any idea that would run contrary to the overall Liberal platform.

#Walkaway2 is a method I believe that Non-Liberals need to adopt, in order to further strengthen not only the mid-terms and 2020 national elections, but for all elections going forward, as well as increasing and strengthening, those who are watching what the government and other man-made institutions are doing, against American interests.

Now; more than ever, American Non-Liberals need to be more focused not only on elections, but we need to be directed always from spending (WASTING) so much valuable and precious time, energy and efforts, where the overall good achieved, is barely noticeable on the grand scheme of things.

Any such attempts at constructive dialogue, is met with what I refer to as D.E.A.D. Arguments:

• Distraction

• Evasion

• Avoidance

• Deflection

Rather than discussing pertinent topics and/or issues; once confronted with facts which are contrary to their overall programming (or simply someone who’s not going to fall for their BS, feelings and emotional trigger points, the Liberal will engage in a myriad of methods, which are (PAY ATTENTION TO AND LEARN THIS) solely designed to cease the present pertinent topics and/or issues in the given conversation/dialogue.

You’ll see all sorts of personal attacks, presumptions of your own beliefs, told you’re off your medication, or you need some, told to kill yourself, they’ll make fun of your looks, race, ethnicity, religion, weight, height, sex, sexual preference, etc…etc…etc… ad infinitum (endless) and ad nauseam (almost makes you feel sick).


I have registered #Walkaway2 with so it is officially listed.

Another Hash-tag I have registered as supplemental to this effort is #LibBlock; which is simply “blocking” Liberals from having, gaining, securing, so much of our time, our platforms, news/information outlets, our blogs, vlogs, social media, speakers, as well as national and international spotlights.

The more time we spend on fruitless endeavors, the less time we have to work on important matters. Liberals are eternal parasites in that they’ve existed as long as mankind has, and will exist as long as mankind lasts.

I’ve studied world history for more than 40 years of my life; and not only are the Liberals/Leftists of today, not so different from their ancient political ideologues and other heroes, the levels of acceptable hatred, intolerance, bigotry and violence, are just as seditious as always.

I implore you all, please stop feeding these parasites when your own thoughts, words, efforts and/or actions, are needed more on the front-lines of all things Patriotic America needs from you.

Please spread these NEW hashtags: #Walkaway2 and #LibBlock

I have included “RAFON” as a “tag” for our registered Hashtags.

For now, these hashtags are an idea, but you can make them viral sensations, if you truly believe in what they stand for and represent, so help us help the American Patriot movement by posting these hashtags in all your social media interactions.

This is J.W. and we’ll be seeing you in our social media platforms.

God Bless


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