History has a fairly simple understanding, but contains numerous pockets of data that have been performed, remembered, recorded, collected, disseminated, offered and run through a plethora of interpretive schools of thoughts: ideas, inventions, events, technology, people, places and even natural disasters.

An all too-oft retorted statement from history indeed teaches us “Those who forget the past, are doomed to repeat it” but I’ve always felt this was only half a phrase; which should be worded as “Those who ignore, don’t know or forget the past, are doomed to repeat it, as well as subjecting others to its worst excesses and abuses”

A 2008 poll by the Intercollegiate Studies Institute, found that about 50% of the 2,500+ people polled, could actually name America’s 3 branches of government.

If I may steal a line from the Bible – “MY people are destroyed by a lack of knowledge”

While I’m not saying the average American needs to be a collegiate level history major, our country suffers greatly; at least in part, due to the sheer levels of ignorance by the masses, of items such as our founding, and standard civics.

This has to change, and it’s going to require every true patriotic American, getting involved, at some level.


Economics is concerned with the production, consumption, and distribution of products and services. Whereas communism is a mix of government structure and an economic system, socialism and capitalism are the primary means by which societies regulate, own and/or control the production, consumption, and distribution of products and services.

Neither system should be oversimplified: as time progresses, mankind has a way of altering and/or redefining such terms, to suit their own particular ideas, needs and/or beliefs; and economics is no different.

Speaking solely for myself, I am a firm believer in free-market capitalism economics, as nothing has proven more effective, in allowing societies to grow and prosper, with a greater propensity for allowing the greatest number of people, to thrive.

For a successful economic system to correctly prosper, the longer we bleed and fleece the producers, the less they’re going to be willing to produce; and the more likely they are to pack up their toys and move out of the country.


Religion is typically tied to deity/deities (god or gods) but this is a myopic view, as religion is also the pursuit of efforts and/or endeavors to which people ascribe a supremacy importance.

In standardized practice, religion also relies on its own sense/form of government, where a hierarchy is formed, providing limited powers to the lesser positions, and greater power and authority, as one increasingly ascends its ladder.

In the hands of a people who possess and espouse right-living standards, religion can be an amazing thing; conversely, in the hands of people who do not possess and espouse right-living standards, religion can be just as tyrannical as the cruelest dictators known throughout human history.

Religion and Government have been strange bed-fellows for thousands of years


Government is a necessary tool in a world filled with people who are challenged in how to govern themselves; and even though it is primarily due to those who are purposefully intrusive and/or even violent and unwilling to be governed, even the peaceable must be governed in any area, district, kingdom, empire, city, county, state or country where citizens move about the public square in their daily activities and/or other interactions.

Throughout time, man has witnessed a multitude of types of government: across the political spectrum from anarchy (No government) to outright Dictatorship.

The American experiment is not the 1st “Republic” in history (and will certainly not be the last) but it is the longest running in recorded history but is in dire straits due to the levels of fraud, waste, corruption, and abuse.

America needs more government watchdogs, and this is where you come in.