Buddhist Monk Wirathu

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I recently learned of this individual.

Disagreements with methods or acts aside, I fully support the use of violence against Islam, because true Islam was born out of violence, and their Prophet has set them on a global conquest vision; and they fully intend to implement it.

The Anti-Violence, Leftist, Liberal voices of opposition, do not understand true Islam, nor are they taught it by their politicians, educational institutes, nor their media.

The world political official narrative for Islam, is presented through the majority being a “peaceful” people.

While absolutely true that the majority of Muslims do not engage in violence against non-Muslims, that same majority are the #1 enemy of what we’re told is “radical Islam”, or that “Even though they appear to be Muslims, they’re not real/true Muslims”

With a majority who do not engage in the violence of their “lone rangers”, why do we see no majority Islamic movement against jihad rape, enslavement, acid attacks, honor killings, etc…?

It is one thing within Islam to not engage in the jihad, but to actively speak against it, is the death penalty for such persons, and often, surrounding friends and family members.

Without doubt, the majority of Muslim attacks on other Muslims, is the majority of all Islamic attacks, worldwide. They do often wreak extreme newsworthiness, but the suicide bombs, train bombs and using vehicles as weapons, is only a tiny minority of the overall attacks and methods used.

Islam is to conquer everywhere their feet touch soil.

This peaceful majority, are not following their prophet’s orders/commands, so they are not well thought of by the “extremist” parts within Islam.

To speak against what the true Islamists do, is blasphemy against their prophet; which is the death penalty.

Peace through strength is what most pacifists resist and fight against, because of their dime-store fantasy novel ideas of a global utopia, which is impossible so long as Islam is allowed to exist, in addition to an innumerable number of other reasons why a global utopia, is a work of fiction, but presented, sold, bought and defended, as a hopeful reality.

I’ve known of the Islamic attacks against Buddhists, for several years; I find it especially peculiar that one man teaching others to fight back is what gets the mainstream news’s attention.

Wikipedia snippet:

Wirathu is a Burmese Buddhist monk, and the communal leader of the anti-Muslim movement in Myanmar. He has been accused of conspiring to persecute Muslims in Myanmar through his speeches, although he claims to be a peaceful preacher and not to have advocated violence—which is disputed by others. Facebook also banned his page on the charge of spreading religious hatred towards other communities, after repeated warnings to not post religiously inflammatory content

I posted this on Facebook, with a prediction I’d be suspended for doing so.

Let’s see if I need add any updates later.


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History has a fairly simple understanding, but contains numerous pockets of data that have been performed, remembered, recorded, collected, disseminated, offered and run through a plethora of interpretive schools of thoughts: ideas, inventions, events, technology, people, places and even natural disasters.

An all too-oft retorted statement from history indeed teaches us “Those who forget the past, are doomed to repeat it” but I’ve always felt this was only half a phrase; which should be worded as “Those who ignore, don’t know or forget the past, are doomed to repeat it, as well as subjecting others to its worst excesses and abuses”

A 2008 poll by the Intercollegiate Studies Institute, found that about 50% of the 2,500+ people polled, could actually name America’s 3 branches of government.

If I may steal a line from the Bible – “MY people are destroyed by a lack of knowledge”

While I’m not saying the average American needs to be a collegiate level history major, our country suffers greatly; at least in part, due to the sheer levels of ignorance by the masses, of items such as our founding, and standard civics.

This has to change, and it’s going to require every true patriotic American, getting involved, at some level.


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