COVID19/SARS-CoV-2 2nd Wave?

They’re trying to push the 2nd wave of COVID19/SARS-CoV-2.

COVID19 Paranoia

Of those who test positive for COVID19/SARS-CoV-2, America’s current fatality rate is 2.5%

September 28th Mortality rate was 2.8%

August 28th Mortality rate was 3.0%

July 28th Mortality rate was 3.4%

June 28th Mortality rate was 4.9%

May 28th Mortality rate was 5.8%

April 28th Mortality rate was 5.7%

March 28th Mortality rate was 4.9%

According to these statistics, we flattened the mortality rate curve from April to May, and it has fallen ever since.

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COVID19 Nightmare continues

I’d like to do a Babylon Bee (Parody) article on this “News-Piece” from Faux News.

Faux News Headline

Tracking coronavirus: 6,236 new cases and 148 more deaths reported by Florida health officials

Link is at bottom of this article.

My analysis

If headlines similar to examples A, B, or C below (allowing for progression) had been the normal approach to COVID19 since the beginning of this nightmare, the majority of us would not be wearing masks, and most businesses would have never closed down.

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The Mask?

This is not a conspiracy theory!


Those in favor of the masks have every right to wear them and ask others to.

They have no right to demand, bully, guilt-trip, or even threaten, etc…

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Who is Dr. Judy Mikovits?

If you didn’t expect the recent barrage of condemnation and demonizing of Dr. Judy Mikovits (PlanDemic/AIDS research), you’ve not been awake long, or you simply haven’t been paying attention.

Why have all mainstream news outlets suddenly developed a bad taste in their mouths over her?

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