Michael Whitley PayPal Scam

I write this with some hesitation, but it must be said.

To begin with, I know not many will read this, and even fewer will read the entire article, but I’ve done this for my own satisfaction in knowing I have alerted others to this problem-person.

I had recently discovered an individual through Facebook, who appears to be just as concerned about many of the problems America is facing, as anyone not on the political Left spectrum, but I suspected problems right away.

For the record, I do not doubt this gentleman’s sincerity and passion in trying to do anything that could help get America pointed in the right direction, but any movement that hopes to have national or international appeal and support, requires a concrete multi-step plan, and this gentleman’s idea has none of this.

After what little investigation I can do with an internet stranger, I believe this Mr. Michael Whitley

What astounds me about people such as Michael Whitley is the constant appeals that they are the “only ones” who care to stand-up against government tyranny.

Michael’s own words on this very issue

“No one is responding to anything that will benefit our side in this fight to tackle the violence and destruction we are seeing all 0ver our Country. There is a lot of talking, but when it comes down to it, no one shows up to support the cause. Here we have an opportunity to do something in a peaceful manner on Sept. 30, 2020 and no one is stepping up to even support that”

Michael claims to have had a website called “The Guardian Militia” but this 3 word phrase pulls up nothing in a google, firefox, opera, Microsoft edge, or duckduckgo web search, and a potential domain of theguardianmilitia.com has never been registered, and is currently for sale.

He believes he’s all alone and no one else wants to be involved in such efforts.

Michael is only self-interested because with the smallest of web-searching, I can point to groups such as







This last mention is already 10 years old, so Michael is far from the only person, or only effort.

In my nearly 30 years on the internet, I’ve seen a thousand such entities, and nearly all have had run-ins with law enforcement, because of their very nature, goals, agendas, and causes. df

Michael has no organization, no website, no D.B.A. registration, no literature, no YouTube channel, no Facebook page, etc… about this “effort”.

What does he have?

His own personal Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/michael.whitley.581

Which does list a website https://mwhitley8929.wixsite.com/ but this website no longer exists, and a page which doesn’t have one mention of these supposed efforts of his. 

A PayPal account he solicits donations to for a non-event he is saying he has rescheduled with an arena in Dodge City, Kansas for September 30th, a petition on Whitehouse.gov (124 signatures of 100,000 needed), and a lot of talk and empty promises.

I’m glad the guy says he is a Trump supporter, I’m glad that he wants a free America, and I’m glad that he has and shares a deep passion to restoring America to what it once was, but his methodology is all screwed up.

Below, I have included his original post in announcing this Non-Event.

I have also included two screenshot CROP images where Mr. Whitley has attempted to deny he ever said he was planning on over 4,000 people for his Non-Event.

I’m J.W.

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This is his entire original post, except where I have removed his address details.

Michael Whitley

August 23 at 12:01 PM

This is the Letter that I sent to Mr. Ragland

Michael Whitley

August 20, 2020

Chris Ragland

Executive Director

United Wireless Arena & The Boot Hill Casino Conference Center

P.O. Box 1516 / 4100 Comanche

Dodge City, Kansas 67801

Dear Mr. Ragland

We the People would like to hold an event in Dodge City, Kansas at the United Wireless Arena. This event will be the first of its kind, and a Historical one. We will be holding a Tribunal Court and calling forth all members of both Houses of the Legislative Branch of Government and The Judicial Branch of Government. We will be seeking to use this time to remind Our Government of who they work for, and to inform them that We the People will not tolerate any more of their Corruption and Tyranny. We also will be seeking to put an end to all the Violence and destruction that is going on in our Streets. We will be holding Telephone votes at the Start of the Hearing and if the People vote to except the 21 Member Council to be their Voice, then the Council will be voting on the issues, otherwise the voting by Telephone will continue to be used. This will be a paid event and we are going to live stream it and maybe even Televise. We understand that this will involve Secrete Service, Kansas State Police, and Local Police. We will also be providing Guardians of our Own for both inside and Outside. Tickets to be 60.00 Dollars per seat. 3000 in Stands, Plus 600 on Floor. The front 700 on the floor will be reserved for the Government Officials, their Staff, and Secret Service. If they need more, they will need to purchase them.

We plan on utilizing the Hotels, and Motels, in Dodge City, along with Hotels, Motels, Campgrounds, and RV Parks all around Dodge City that are within an hours ride of the event for Housing Guests and Staff, all will be at their own expense. We will need to utilize the Restaurants and stores in and around Dodge City.

Everyone including all Government Officials will be responsible for their own Flights, and Transportation to the Hotels, events, and their meals. The Government Officials will be asked to use Busses from Airport to Hotels, events, back to hotels, and then back to Airport to help with the Parking situation at Event.

We will be following and enforcing Protocol on any Mandates for Covid 19 at the time of the Event.

The Hours of Operation will be 6 AM to 12 PM, On Sept. 30, 2020

We are Planning on about 4600 People including The Guest, Paid Seating and Staff inside the Event, and about 100 Guardians outside around the Perimeter of Building for Security.

We will be providing Guardians, along with Secret Service, Kansas State Police and Local Police.

We will be enforcing all United Wireless Arena Rules and Regulation while inside the Event and making sure that no weapons of any kind come into the Facility except for the Secret Service, Kansas State Police, and the Local Police. (No Participant, or Attendees will be allowed to have any Weapons)

We Plan to Explain to Government Officials that things are limited as far as rooms and seating at event goes and explain to those who wish to attend that they will need to use facilities outside of Dodge City within that Hour Ride so as to keep everything in Dodge City for Government Officials, secrete Service and Kansas State Police along with our staff and Council Members, Speakers etc.

Sincerely Yours

Michael Whitley

CIC Guardian Militia

Below, I have included a paragraph from one of his posts where he is incorrectly using the paypal.me extension for his fundraising

We will need funding to pay for this event and so we ask for Donations, and any sponsorships we can get. Please donate thru our Pay Pal Account at https://paypal.me/wethepeople082020?locale.x=en_US

So, donate to his “cause” if you wish.

My close

Notice, not one question as to this arena’s daily rent/lease rates.

I sincerely hope this man is arrested for his PayPal fraud, and his lying about the local (Dodge City, KS), police, Kansas State “Police”, and the Secret Service, being involved.

Following are the two screenshots mentioned above where Michael attempted to prove me a liar because I noted he had said his “cause” was expecting over 4,000 participants; and he attempted to deny ever giving this figure/number.

He asked, so I provided it: this partial quote can also be found above in the post of his I have included.

In his vitriol for being outed, Michael has vowed legal action and revenge against me. Mind you, this is supposed to be a person that is NOT a Leftist, but he has also vowed to notify ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter of my articles on this website AGAINST ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter.

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