American Judiciary Bows to Islam

The Judiciary is the highest secular Law Enforcing power office in America (Outside of the Military), with the U.S. Supreme Court as its pinnacle. The absolute worst case damage that a judiciary can do to its country is to capitulate to foreign powers and known enemies: foreign and domestic.

In a court ruling that will affect females (mostly young girls) across the country, the Chief Judge (Bernard A. Friedman) of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan, has ruled that Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is not something for Congress to pass laws on, as this is “Unconstitutional”, so striking down a 22 year old law (Female Genital Mutilation Act in 1996) by backpedaling to a “hands-off” stance, by proclaiming this to be a State’s Rights issue.

FGM is a human right’s issue, and has been recognized as such by numerous governing bodies, the world over; and is currently banned in 27 U.S. States and over 30 Countries.

In passage of the 1996 Federal Law, Harry Reid (Former Senator from Nevada) said:

“There is no medical reason for this procedure. … It is used as a method to keep girls chaste and to ensure their virginity until marriage, and to ensure that after marriage they do not engage in extramarital sex.”

I add:

This is because this procedure greatly reduces a female’s sensitivity and ability to enjoy sex.

Reid also noted in 1994:

“I want everyone within the sound of my voice to understand that what I am going to talk about here today does not deal with religion and it does not deal with sex. It deals with violation of a person’s human rights. It deals with degradation of women and young girls. It deals with the most inhumane thing a person can imagine,”

Why bring up Harry Reid’s statements?

Because I know the Liberal machine in America is salivating (Flip-Flopping) over this case, but before even one of them pleads against laws against FGM because it violates Islam’s freedom of religion; and should be protected under the “Separation of Church and State”, they need to recognize they’re making it a “religious” issue, which the Left leadership and Islam want desperately, to avoid.

Where are the Feminists on this issue? Where are the Women’s Rights groups? Why do they not stand up against this barbarism being performed on their fellow “sisters”?

As always, the Left is strangely quiet when conflicts of their own interests are involved.

Though I have no doubt this case will go before the Supreme Court (Eventually), public precedent has been set.

Though itself only one tiny issue of everything problematic in America, Muslims the world over, are celebrating this victory over the (Kafir) infidels; and America once more, publicly demonstrates a hidden hand seeming to meld America into Islam’s Global Caliphate plans.

A personal note:

The time has come for this writer to admit what he has long said would occur; America has “publicly” capitulated to Islam, but you can be confident the Controllers and Puppet-Masters behind this orchestration are not Muslims at all.

J.W. Bowers © 2018

My Faith

I believe it only right to put my own “faith” out for public inspection (not approval) so I’ll make this as simple as I can.

I am a Christian, but do not confuse me with a fundamentalist who preaches sin, hellfire and brimstone.

I’m not here to judge your relationship with the Creator; and I’m not here to have others judge my own.

I will point out things I see as right and wrong, good and bad, etc… but I’m just as human and as fallible as anyone else.

I’m not the Messiah/Savior, so while we can have some good discussions or even great arguments, whether you’re going to heaven or hell, simply isn’t in my thinking. I believe this better leaves the doors of communication, open.

I will stand up for what I believe in, and I fully wish others stay true to what they accept as evidence, unless they reach such time as those beliefs, become previous beliefs, due to new beliefs.

As far as how you live your lives?

I’m a simple guy, so I’m perfectly content with “cause no injury” and “do no harm”, which is basic common law for civilized human beings to live among one-another.

I’d be thrilled if you gloried in God and Christ in your life on occasion, but even if Christianity or Religion aren’t really your “thing”? I’m ok with that as well, so long as we both continue to uphold “cause no injury” and “do no harm”.

Don’t ask me to sacrifice my morals, my principles, my ethics, my values, etc… not in my private life, nor in any other aspect of my life.

With as much disdain I have for political correctness, I’m equally as vigilant against a lot of things I’d classify as religious correctness.

Again, I am a Christian; and that means I believe Christ is the only way to the big dance beyond this human existence, but I do not require this of you.

Don’t think I won’t try to convince you, but I’d more hope to do that through my words, actions and life, rather than getting all religious and trying to “save your soul”

Hope this isn’t too tough for anyone.

Believer or Non-Believer, God bless you.

J.W. Bowers

Buddhist Monk Wirathu

Uploaded 08/05/2018 1:20 AM Eastern

I recently learned of this individual.

Disagreements with methods or acts aside, I fully support the use of violence against Islam, because true Islam was born out of violence, and their Prophet has set them on a global conquest vision; and they fully intend to implement it.

The Anti-Violence, Leftist, Liberal voices of opposition, do not understand true Islam, nor are they taught it by their politicians, educational institutes, nor their media.

The world political official narrative for Islam, is presented through the majority being a “peaceful” people.

While absolutely true that the majority of Muslims do not engage in violence against non-Muslims, that same majority are the #1 enemy of what we’re told is “radical Islam”, or that “Even though they appear to be Muslims, they’re not real/true Muslims”

With a majority who do not engage in the violence of their “lone rangers”, why do we see no majority Islamic movement against jihad rape, enslavement, acid attacks, honor killings, etc…?

It is one thing within Islam to not engage in the jihad, but to actively speak against it, is the death penalty for such persons, and often, surrounding friends and family members.

Without doubt, the majority of Muslim attacks on other Muslims, is the majority of all Islamic attacks, worldwide. They do often wreak extreme newsworthiness, but the suicide bombs, train bombs and using vehicles as weapons, is only a tiny minority of the overall attacks and methods used.

Islam is to conquer everywhere their feet touch soil.

This peaceful majority, are not following their prophet’s orders/commands, so they are not well thought of by the “extremist” parts within Islam.

To speak against what the true Islamists do, is blasphemy against their prophet; which is the death penalty.

Peace through strength is what most pacifists resist and fight against, because of their dime-store fantasy novel ideas of a global utopia, which is impossible so long as Islam is allowed to exist, in addition to an innumerable number of other reasons why a global utopia, is a work of fiction, but presented, sold, bought and defended, as a hopeful reality.

I’ve known of the Islamic attacks against Buddhists, for several years; I find it especially peculiar that one man teaching others to fight back is what gets the mainstream news’s attention.

Wikipedia snippet:

Wirathu is a Burmese Buddhist monk, and the communal leader of the anti-Muslim movement in Myanmar. He has been accused of conspiring to persecute Muslims in Myanmar through his speeches, although he claims to be a peaceful preacher and not to have advocated violence—which is disputed by others. Facebook also banned his page on the charge of spreading religious hatred towards other communities, after repeated warnings to not post religiously inflammatory content

I posted this on Facebook, with a prediction I’d be suspended for doing so.

Let’s see if I need add any updates later.


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Religion is typically tied to deity/deities (god or gods) but this is a myopic view, as religion is also the pursuit of efforts and/or endeavors to which people ascribe a supremacy importance.

In standardized practice, religion also relies on its own sense/form of government, where a hierarchy is formed, providing limited powers to the lesser positions, and greater power and authority, as one increasingly ascends its ladder.

In the hands of a people who possess and espouse right-living standards, religion can be an amazing thing; conversely, in the hands of people who do not possess and espouse right-living standards, religion can be just as tyrannical as the cruelest dictators known throughout human history.

Religion and Government have been strange bed-fellows for thousands of years