I really need somebody to explain this shit, and I want Trump to address this problem. I take it that seriously

The subject for my next Youtube Podcast on The R.A.F.O.N. Report.

MN. Representative Ilhan Omar

Congress-Woman Ms. Omar says (About America) ” “is not going to be the country of white people.”

I really need somebody to explain this shit, and I want Trump to address this problem. I take it that seriously

I believe I’m genuinely triggered about this……………………..

I want to know why OPEN and BLATANT racism against Whites is legal in this country

I want to know why it’s allowed, encouraged, and promoted

This isn’t about Ms. Omar; she is merely an example I chose

This isn’t about her being Black

This isn’t about her having breasts or a vagina

This isn’t about her being a female; if that’s her preferred pronoun 😉

This isn’t about her being from Somalia

On the streets of New York City (And other places around the country), Black Hebrew Israelites are LEGALLY allowed to stand on public sidewalks and hurl their racism at Whites and even Asians

Universities now offer courses promoting racism towards Whites; with countless faculty, staff, etc… promoting racism against Whites

Entities under the umbrella of Black Lives Matter, openly admit they want revenge against the Whites, for slavery and other White-Power BULLSHIT

Countless Hispanic agencies, entities, and personas, proudly and loudly engage in racism against Whites on a daily basis, all over this country

Newspapers, Books, Movies, Songs, Billboards, Theatrical Plays, etc…. all produce anti-White rhetoric

Multitudes of State Government Employees are openly racist against Whites

Multitudes of Muslims in America (Including Ms. Omar specifically) openly spew racist venom against Whites

Now it’s being shouted from our Congressional Representatives, on a much grander scale than ever before; especially with the Left’s newest spokes-people: Omar, Talib, Cortez, etc…

It’s tolerated, protected; and even defended by countless law enforcement agencies; and government municipalities across America

Even businesses across the country are engaging in open racist policies towards Whites

Then we have the “Honorable” “Reverend”, Louis Farrakhan, who openly says the Whites are the Devil and deserve to be slaughtered

We can add Reverends Jessie Jackson and Al (Not-So) Sharpton to that list as well

Racism will never end in this world, but this Anti-White breed is some serious shit that’s gonna hit the fan eventually.

For all their bluster about true instances of White Racism, their Anti-White rhetoric is awakening a monster they do not want to be released; and another sad aspect of this is that these people don’t even realize just how much they’re being used and manipulated, by some of the very people that want a majority of us all dead

Anti-White Racism is only one tool in the box for those who specialize in the Plantation Politic’s agenda of the Elite’s Divide & Conquer scheme, and it’s awakening an entity that was “largely” asleep, for many decades.

As a student of world history; and even though racism will always exist, this “round” is not going to end well.



We are Dismantling the Beast, one piece at a time.

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The Liberal who cried Wolf

In a world that has become so polarized by the “fake news” mantra against most mainstream media outlets, it’s pretty bad when people have to create hate crimes, because there simply aren’t enough real hate crimes to justify all the activism against such ghost causes.

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Uncredited/AP/REX/Shutterstock (10114346a) This booking photo released by Chicago Police Department shows Jussie Smollett. Police say the “Empire” actor has turned himself in to face a charge of making a false police report when he said he was attacked in downtown Chicago by two men who hurled racist and anti-gay slurs and looped a rope around his neck. Police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi says Smollett turned himself in early Thursday, Feb. 21 and was arrested. The charge could bring up to three years in prison for the actor, who’s black and gay Empire Cast Member Attack, Chicago, USA – 21 Feb 2019

As disturbing a reality as it is, a “Hoax Crime” is not new, nor of recent vintage. This being said, the absolute plethora of them being launched in our current political climate, is beyond pandemic.

1999 – James Green of Baytown, TX, staged a fake hate crime burglary of his home, wrote anti-Black slurs on his interior walls; later convicted of insurance fraud for burning down his own home.

2004 – Claremont McKenna College Professor Kerri Dunn; spray paints racial and anti-Semitic slurs on her own car, in a hoax crime.

2005 – Rondell Taylor; Elementary School teacher sends self and two other teachers, Thanksgiving Cards, with threats and racist attacks.

2006 – Internationally known Duke (University) Lacrosse hoax rape case where a Crystal Gail Mangum, caused all kinds of damage by claiming 3 white students raped and robbed her.

2008 – Safia Jilani of Chicago was arrested for falsely blaming an invisible white man who “hit her over the head with a gun” and “wrote anti-Muslim stuff on a mirror.

2008 – Continental Airlines flight attendant Sharon Brown falsely claims wife of Joel Osteen assaulted her on the plane and tried to rush the Cockpit – and our winner tried this with another flight attendant in 1995.

2009 – Hofstra University freshman Danmell Ndonye names 4 individuals in a false rape case.

2011 – Matthew Randall Moe falsely accuses two police officers of assaulting him.

2013 – Results finally achieved in the 1987 false rape case of Tawana Brawley – Al Sharpton’s initial claim to fame.

2014 – Richard Kennedy of Blackpool, England falsely claimed to be assaulted because he is gay.

2016 – Kean University student Kayla McKelvey (Leader of a Black student group) is convicted of tweeting anonymous threats to Black Students, to “she wanted more people to attend a 2015 rally on racial issues”

2016 – A 26-year-old Syrian refugee set a hotel on fire in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany; and sprayed swastikas on the walls, to – “protest against the cramped living conditions in the hotel”

2017 – George Nathaniel Stang; a white male church organist spray painted “swastika, “fag church,” and “heil Trump” on St. David’s Episcopal Church in Indiana, to – “mobilize a movement.”

Though I could easily provide hundreds of additional examples, 2018 and 2019 have been banner years for the hoax crime industry in America, with a great number being perpetrated because of the Liberal-Left’s hatred and vitriol for Trump and his supporters.

Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh nomination nightmare.

Adwoa Lewis of Long Island falsely reports 4 Teenagers confronted her while yelling “Trump”, telling her she didn’t belong in the area, and even wrote a faked “go home” note and placed it on her car.

A bisexual senior at North Park University in Chicago claimed she was a victim of a homophobic note and hateful emails following Donald Trump’s win in the presidential election, but made it all up.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says humans only have 10 years to live.

We can’t forget the Covington Kids, Nathaniel Phillips and the Black Hebrew Israel debacle at the anti-abortion March for Life rally in Washington, D.C.

A Texas woman blames law enforcement for an offensive note aimed at Mexicans; turns out she wrote it herself.

A Texas Waiter – Faked a hate crime by writing “We don’t tip terrorist” on a customer’s receipt, whom he blamed.

And our most recent winner in the Jussie Smollett faked attack where “White Trump Supporters” supposedly beat up the Black Gay actor, poured bleach on him and put a noose around his neck.

Innocent lives are forever destroyed when such hoaxes are finally revealed:

1912 – Bill Wilson wrongly spends 6 years in prison for the murder of his wife and daughter: The bones used as evidence as being the bodies of the two supposed victims turned out to be those of several people; the catch here is that the wife and daughter were found alive, living in a different state.

1974 – Gregory Bright and Earl Truvia are wrongfully convicted of murder and spend 27 ½ years in prison.

1980 – Joyce Ann Brown spent 9+ years in prison for a murder and robbery she never committed.

1987 – Glen Woodall is sentenced to two life terms + 203 and 335 years consecutive, on two false accounts of rape, kidnapping, and robbery, and was exonerated after spending 5 years in prison when DNA evidence proved his innocence.

1989 – Debra Jean Milke spent 23+ years in prison on a false charge that she orchestrated the shooting death of her own son.

1992 – Two Black Men: VanDyke Perry and Gregory Counts, served 26 years in prison for a hoax rape.

2002 – Potential Football star Brian Banks served 5+ years in prison for a hoax rape charge; completely ruining any chance he may have had as an NFL prospect.

2008 – Adrian Thomas, pressured by investigators lying about his child dying of blunt force trauma, threaten the arrest his wife for the murder of his son if he doesn’t confess. After 6 years in prison, it turned out the child died from Sepsis.

2016 – 19-year-old Nikki Yovino receives one year in jail for a hoax rape case involving two students of Sacred Heart University.

I don’t believe the worst damage in such cases is in the acts themselves, or even in the intentions of those perpetrating these hoax crimes; the worst damage done here is to real victims of real abuses.

In a world that has become so polarized by the “fake news” mantra against most mainstream media outlets, it’s pretty bad when people have to create hate crimes, because there simply aren’t enough real hate crimes to justify all the activism against such ghost causes.

Real victims of real crimes are increasingly more and more, being viewed with instant skepticism, denial, apathy, and even indifference because such a large number of reported “hate” crimes are actually fraudulent to begin with.

Hoax Crimes not only destroy lives of those directly involved but also send out ripples into the court of public opinion that often cause real crimes to occur, in retaliation or pay-back, by the mindless masses that simply react to anything they believe justifies their own violence.

When used for political aims, such cases remind me of Firefighters who set fires, Law Enforcement officials that commit crimes in order to frame others, and of Munchausen syndrome by proxy: a condition where someone (typically a caregiver) will imagine or even cause harm to their “patient/client” out of selfish desire for attention, to be seen as their “Rescuer/Savior”.

Though Trump is certainly not the 1st Politician or President to be the center of so much directed hoax crime, the use of such for political aims is the truest definition of terrorism.

This needs to stop.

© 2019 J.W.

KKK 2.0

Contrary to incorrect perceptions of their photographs that I have slightly altered here, I wouldn’t dream of suggesting these model citizens of being White Supremacist; which is why I include the “2.0” reference.

The Next Generation

Klown #1 (From the Left)

33 year old Thomas Massey here was one of the 230 rioters arrested on Trump’s inauguration day fiasco, where; a newspaper report notes he said (About the riots/protests that day) – “I think there should have been more violence yesterday,” 

Klown #2

37 year old Joseph Alcoff, who goes by the names of “Chepe” and “Jose Martin”, and is a “leader” in a Washington, D.C. chapter of Antifa, called “Smash Racism DC” (Remember that name) – also stars in a video, spitting at the camera operator, and shouting “I’m a communist, mother%$#ker” – Smash Racism DC was also involved with Senator Ted Cruz being chased from a restaurant. As well as showing up at the home of Fox News host Tucker Carlson, in November.

Klown #3

33 year old Thomas Keenan, also a “leader” of an Antifa group out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Our 3rd hero in this story was arrested in 2011; along with Klown #2, in Bordertown, New Jersey, for rioting.

Contrary to incorrect perceptions of their photographs that I have slightly altered here, I wouldn’t dream of suggesting these model citizens of being White Supremacist; which is why I include the “2.0” reference.

These 3 gentlemen were arrested (Alcoff separately from Klowns 1 and 2, which were arrested at the same time) in the City of “Brotherly love” (Philadelphia, PA) for being among a reported 10-12 Antifa members who violently attacked 2 out of uniform U.S. Marines: Alejandro Godinez and Luis Torres, who were in town for a Marine Ball.

As the confrontation occurred, the two Marines were asked if they were “Proud Boys” (far-right neo-fascist organization), they were then called Nazis and White Supremacists; and were even spit on and one of the Marines had his cell phone stolen. Alejandro Godinez hollered out “I’m Mexican”, and the Marines were then referred to as “wetbacks” and “spics”.

Alcoff leads a group called “Smash Racism”, falsely presents himself as being a Hispanic person, and gets arrested (partly) for calling two Hispanic Marines, this plethora of racial slurs.

This is pure Leftist irony my friends.

Liberals are supposed to be against racism, yet these 3 clowns get arrested (in part) for racist actions and slurs against two Hispanic U.S. Marines.

The “2.0” reference in my photo of these 3 winners, is because the ideology “supremacy” is the same, even if it finds different targets to vent its anger and frustrations out on.

Those on the Liberal Left are (often proudly admitted) Communists and Socialists; and while their protests and/or demonstrations have mostly been peaceful since the 60’s, today’s Liberals are openly violent and destructive; increasingly so since the rise of former U.S. President Barack Obama.

Klown #2 was charged with 17 counts (including numerous felonies), has a criminal record, and winds up getting bail of only $15,000 dollars – the two other Klowns are also out on minor bail amounts.

While this may be 2019, my wife still remembers having to study and learn about Communism, in public schools in the 50’s and 60’s, but today’s Liberals are a far-cry from their 50’s and 60’s predecessors.

While the greater majority of Leftist Liberals play fast and loose about being Communists and/or Socialists themselves, there are many who are too stupid to go along with the cover-story, and just come right out and say they are. This is a natural reoccurring theme, the more power a group believes they have.

Though these 3 should be languishing in prison for a couple decades each, I have no doubt they’ll be in the news again, for many years to come. As inept as our government and judicial systems are, these 3 will be further recruited for their “talents” at public disruption, violence and chaos.

© 2019 JW Bowers