My Fellow Americans

I’ve grown completely weary of watching freedom loving Patriots, yield incessantly for fear of hurting somebody’s feelings, emotions, or their psyche, and their giving in to public pressure from the even larger screaming voices of the pathetic Left, or even fear of reprisals from the same.

To be perfectly honest, I think it’s time to kick some ass.

“Fellow” as a noun – a person in the same position, involved in the same activity, or otherwise associated with another.

“Fellow” as an adjective – sharing a particular activity, quality, or condition with someone or something.

Let the emphasis on the title of this article be on “fellow” and not on the “Americans” word. This use of fellow is in a direct and specific context to those who stand for a free, independent and sovereign America.

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Exploitable, Expendable, Disposable and Dispensable.

Some of us can still view children through the eyes of wonder, awe, and amazement and of the dreamers we were when we were the children, but for far too many in this evil-filled world we live in, children are exploitable, expendable, disposable and dispensable.

Pat Benatar had a hit song that says it best – Hell is for children.

They cry in the dark
So you can’t see their tears
They hide in the light
So you can’t see their fears
Forgive and forget
All the while
Love and pain become one and the same
In the eyes of a wounded child

Children are no more than tools of utilization for one’s own selfish interests and indulgences.

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I happen to believe pedophilia to be one of man’s greatest sins; I place it right alongside Abortion; which I consider murder in 99% of all cases. No, I will not apologize for either.

I likewise WILL NOT shut up about these horrendous acts of barbarism.

So once again, I’m accused of being a pedophile or that I’m having and fighting pedophilic tendencies.

I’m used to “Pedophile” being thrown at me from braindead Liberals who can’t face uncomfortable facts, but seriously? From a so-called Christian?

Well, let’s get the ice-breaker out of the way first.

I WAS molested; more than once, as a child.

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To tariff or not to tariff?

America’s history with tariffs isn’t of recent vintage; going back just to America’s Civil War, the tariff argument had long been established in American government.

In response to a short article (SOURCE) about an agreement to avert a progressive 5%-%25 tariff on Mexican Trade, I have to address a couple of things here.

America’s history with tariffs isn’t of recent vintage; going back just to America’s Civil War, the tariff argument had long been established in American government.

In reference to the article itself, I find it quite comical when someone on the Left wants to appeal to the Dow Jones in an attempt to degrade Trump.

The Dow Jones consists of 30 companies.

I also love how the article notes

“The Dow dropped 3% the week ending May 31, posting its sixth weekly loss and its longest losing streak since 2011”

What depressing news, right 😉 Hold on!

Where this is disingenuous is that this article is updated to today’s 06/07/2019 date, but look at this partial headline from another article with today’s date

“Dow gains 260 points, posts best week since November”

So they’re giving you bad news over a 6-week loss (As of 1 week ago), but the biggest gain in 7 months isn’t worth mentioning?

More selective outrage and faked news.

Again, the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA), is a collection of only 30 companies/corporations.

All things considered; especially in light of a low of 10.700 the night before Christmas 2018, a 2,000 point gain since then isn’t exactly a sign of a slowing or weakening economy………….even if we are going to base this on 30 Corporations

Daily/Weekly/Monthly freak-out sessions of our Stock Markets is simply the best way to feed panics.

Frankly, I’m not overly concerned about the financial well-being of companies such as Cocoa-Cola, Walmart, Disney, Goldman-Sacks, or Walgreens Boots Alliance; and I certainly don’t see how these 30 companies are any kind of indicator or barometer of Trump, in any way.

Shouldn’t those on the Left be celebrating when such evil Capitalist entities are taking financial hits in the markets?

Trump wins again, and it’s killing those on the Left, but don’t expect any significant reduction in reported numbers of illegals.

This is merely one more stage in the game.

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