Conspiracy Theory: Fact, Fiction, or something in between?

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I’ve chased so many conspiracy theories over the years, so I often find it intriguing as others run across some of these conspiracy theories (so many years later). I’m seeing many of them being sewn together as time progresses.

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Justin Trudeau is an imbecile

To be true, I am an American, and I have zero aspirations of delving into Canada’s politics, but Justin Trudeau is an imbecile of the highest proportions. I understand the guy faithfully portrays his (feigned) approval of Islam, but this is one of the greatest boneheaded moves I’ve seen a country’s “Leader” do in my 56 years on this planet.

Trudeau Government To Give $25K Per Victim To Families Of Those Killed By Iranian Regime On Flight 752

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Truth in media, or lies?

A bit of historical revisionism used to inculcate the idea that America was meant to be a democracy!

Did Abraham Lincoln view America as a Democracy in his Gettysburg Address?

A lie of omission remains, a lie.

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America in Distress!

I stand corrected: a week before Christmas 2019, U.S. President Donald J. Trump has been impeached by the U.S. House of Representatives.

I have been rather adamant for a long time now, that this vote would never reach the Senate.

I blame myself 100%

To tell you the truth, this impeachment passage completely reaffirms a realization I’ve been hoping against for a long time.

I wanted so much to believe that America wasn’t lost, but I was wrong.

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