The Cannabis Genie

Big Industry (And Racism) is what got this plant criminalized, and Big Industry is in an all-out panic now that Industrial Hemp has been removed from the Fed’s blockade.

Hemp (Left) / Marijuana (Right)

Industrial Hemp is not Marijuana, so set that aside for a moment.

Also, set aside any/all medicinal claims/benefits, just for a moment.

Marijuana’s “High” is from high levels of THC.

Hemp and Marijuana are two strains of the Cannabis plant.

Industrial Hemp is largely a simple agricultural product; providing mankind with items such as Building materials, Rope, Linens/Fabrics, Paper products, Bio-degradable Plastics, Cosmetics/Body Care, Animal Feed/Bedding, Fuels/Oils, and Food/Nutrition.

A primary product of Industrial Hemp is its massive seed production: these seeds house our most essential amino acids, in addition to providing us with some of the longest burning oil known to man.

The cannabis plant (Both Hemp and Marijuana) contains a chemical compound known as Phyto- (Plant-Based) Cannabinoids (CBD) and it is from this chemical, where accepted science is beginning to admit to its human-health, healing and/or curative properties.

Hemp has extremely low levels of THC so it won’t get you high; whereas Marijuana is specifically cultivated for its THC content, though it has a nearly identical Cannabinoid (CBD) value as well.

Our human body has its own Endocannabinoid System and the Cannabinoids cultivated from these two plants attach themselves to cannabinoid receptors and provide a plethora of benefits to the human body.

Though the human body does produce some of these cannabinoids, the phyto-cannabinoids from hemp and marijuana are extremely important additions all should consider.

Cannabis (Hemp and Marijuana) is the single greatest productive agricultural product on earth.

America should have millions of acres of Hemp growing.

To our health?

One article notes: (Source –

“Cannabis/Hemp is not unique in having all the essential amino acids in its embryonic seed. Flax seeds also contain all the essential amino acids as do many other seeds in the plant kingdom. What is unique about hemp seed protein is that 65% of it is globulin edistin. That is the highest in the plant kingdom.

Globulins are one of seven classes of simple proteins. Simple proteins are constructed from amino acids and contain no non-protein substances. Globulins are in seeds and animal blood. Edistins are found in seeds; serum globulin is in blood. Edistins are plant globulins. And globulins along with albumins are classified as globular proteins. All enzymes, antibodies, many hormones, hemoglobin and fibrogin (the body converts fibrogin into non-soluble, fibrin, a blood clotting agent) are globular proteins. They carry out the main work of living”

Big Industry (And Racism) is what got this plant criminalized, and Big Industry is in an all-out panic now that Industrial Hemp has been removed from the Fed’s blockade.

Lobbyists are hammering politicians over this.

The history’s been proven about this plant’s efficacy on mankind.

It’s time to drop the demon-complex attached to it.

For the production of simple paper, which requires wood pulp:

Consider an acre of trees, aged 7 years = 1 crop-harvest for wood pulp.

That same acre with Industrial Hemp could produce 2-4 harvests per year (depending on location, climate, etc…).

Average 3 crop-harvests per year x 7 years = 21 harvests of Cannabis, versus 1 harvest of wood pulp trees, over the same time frame, on one acre of land.

That’s not only a lot of product, but it’s a tremendous profit for the numerous businesses that Cannabis will fuel.

Trust that the government will be watching this new growth of Industrial Hemp, with a fine-toothed comb………and there will always be regulation, but you watch this industry explode in the next 3-5 years.

There is a lot of hesitancy on lawmakers, in allowing this to move forward, unimpeded.

Considering all the businesses that Hemp can (and will) dominate, Lobbyists are throwing money at politicians and law enforcement, in hopes of reigning in the level and speed of growth, if nothing else.

I believe the Genie is out of the Bottle, and only Federal regulation will put it back in that bottle……………………………and I have every expectation they will, again.

To the end that Recreational Marijuana is likewise being legalized all over the country, 11 states; such as Colorado, California, and Alaska have found out, there are literally billions of tax dollars at stake, and that is per state.

While I fully believe both strains of this plant do offer mankind tremendous healing and/or curative properties, that’s for additional articles.

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According to the Left; as I’m neither a female nor a medical professional, I’m not supposed to be able to voice an opinion on this subject, but as I don’t care what anyone on the Left thinks of me, my opinions, or my knowledge, I will speak.

In matters of abortion, I am a firm believer that 98% of them are for mere convenience so the mother doesn’t have to deal with the consequences of unprotected sex.

I likewise firmly believe this 98% to be simple and cold-blooded murder.

To this end, we always hear about “rape”, “incest” and/or “Endangering the life of the mother” as the primary battle cries from our pro-choice (murdering) counterparts on the Left.

With the flood of Anti-Abortion laws taking place across the country, we notice that most allow no exception for rape and incest.

This is sheer wisdom on the parts of the various lawmakers in their respective states.

Reliable abortion statistics will always show these extenuating circumstances account for less than 2% of all included abortions.

Remember that the Left always objectifies the minority; whether that be a minority issue, minority segment of society or a minority of factual evidence and truth.

As abortion statistics currently accept that the exceptions such as rape, incest, or endangering the life of the mother are a totality of less than 1% each, what do you suppose would happen to those same exceptions being claimed as a majority reason for abortions, if and/or where such exceptions are included in such legislation?

I’m betting that in less than 5 years, rape and incest percentages are going to sky-rocket in being reported as the reason(s) for abortion.

Recently, the line of “Endangering the life of the mother” is being altered in literature, the medical world, politics and among the masses, to “Endangering the life and/or Health of the mother”.

This language was introduced to political, legal and medical jargon to provide for greater leeway in allowing abortion where such pregnancy is not from rape or incest and does not actually endanger the LIFE of the mother, but “could” harm her “psychologically”…………………..and this allows for 10,000 excuses to be launched as legitimate reasons; all of which should have been considered before having unprotected sex.

Many years back, I remember the huge controversy over the “Morning after pill”; I myself was against the notion until I did a little more research.

According to the Left; as I’m neither a female nor a medical professional, I’m not supposed to be able to voice an opinion on this subject, but as I don’t care what anyone on the Left thinks of me, my opinions, or my knowledge, I will speak.

For the record, I’m not referring to the RU-486 pill; this is an abortion-causing pill, but I’m referring to something known as Levonorgestrel, and there is a plethora of different versions, brands, strengths, makers, etc…

Levonorgestrel is not to be confused with or used as a female’s normal birth control.

One version sold is known as Plan B One-Step; and if taken within 24 hours of unprotected sex, it boasts a 95% success rate at preventing pregnancy from occurring.

This brings us to this fine-line argumentation of when “conception” takes place.

Though the single-sperm that wins the day and can fertilize the egg within 24 hours, the journey to the womb (uterus) can take 3-4 days. Tubal/Ectopic pregnancies; though rare, do occur. These can absolutely endanger the biological health and life of the mother.

Though I do believe the Government needs to get its nose out of the relationships between healthcare workers and their clients/customers/patients: especially in cases of rape and incest, the female involved should be in contact with a Doctor and should be provided with this preventative measure.

You can go to a Wal-Mart or just about any Drug-Store and get this for $10-$50.

You can even order it online (As a Back-up)

There are always exceptions/complications to a rule:

But little Janie was molested by her brother, uncle, father, etc and doesn’t want to tell. This is far from being just an episode of unprotected sex

But not all females know about this product…

Not everybody has $10-$50 when they need it…

But little Tammy lives 10 miles from town, and she’s only 14 years old…

and on and on and on and on.

These exceptions to a rule are why many things don’t get solved/fixed, because people are too busy arguing over and breaking everything down into every minute and/or possible example, category, reason, excuse, etc…

As with most things on the political Left, it is these exceptions (Minorities) that are used as bull-whips to beat everyone else into compliance and/or submission.

While I do believe each life is precious; if the process is interrupted prior to the fertilized egg reaching the womb (uterus), the pregnancy is not viable.

I’d love it if all of us (Male and Female) engaged in responsible sex.

I’d love it if none of our children (Male and Female) ever had to experience incest.

I’d love it if we lived in a world where people (Male and Female) didn’t resort to raping each other.

In a world of true reality, rape and incest happen; and while I do believe aborting after the fertilized egg has reached the womb, is murder, I see just a shade of grey in certain cases of rape and incest, and am at least thankful that we have some tools true victims can take advantage of, if they act quickly enough.

I haven’t even touched on the “Selling baby parts” part of the abortion industry, but I believe abortion should not be a profitable enterprise; and absolutely should not be funded by tax-dollars funneled through the government.


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Act II

Liberals throw victims around like amateur Pitchers trying to hit the Catcher’s glove.

You try and try and try to have an abortion argument on a morality stand, and are bombarded with the fringe argument gauntlet.

Well, what about a woman who is raped?

What about a victim of incest?

What about a tubal pregnancy?

What about the poor girl living in the projects that can’t afford birth control?

and on, and on, and on, and on………………….

It’s like chumming the waters where you want to fish; you throw a bunch of bait out and wait for the hits.

If something is moral, nothing makes it immoral, nor does any immoral act suddenly become moral because of the reasons for its existence.

While even Conservatives are far from moral perfection, a lot of Liberal causes are simply built on immoral means, reasoning and/or agendas.

Forgetting all the different special interest items the Liberal vs Conservative may argue, but even the methodology of Liberal argument is founded on immorality, dishonesty, ignorant and/or willful misrepresentation of the facts, distraction, and deceit.

At its very base, abortion is the murder of an unborn child.

There’s no debate to this fact.

Anyone who disputes this is an idiot.

As the Liberals often wish to tout “The science is settled”

The overwhelming majority of abortions are done for simple human convenience, while a tiny minority of fringe examples are constantly lauded as justification for this absolutely barbaric institution.

An institution so barbaric, they make money off this slaughter of innocence.

Just by way of 1 example:

“Planned Parenthood Mar Monte (PPMM) is the largest Planned Parenthood affiliate in the U.S., providing medical and education services to more than 220,000 people annually at over 30 health center locations in mid-California and northern Nevada” –…/who-we-are

“Planned Parenthood Mar Monte reported an income of $109.7 million during its last fiscal year (July 1, 2016, to June 30, 2017), including $70.4 million from taxpayers” –…/planned-parenthood-caught-selli…/

Without taxpayer funding, this one chain of murder-mills made nearly 40 million dollars.

And that’s just what they report; the majority of money in baby-parts is a black market and behind-closed-door deals.

Spare me the “But that’s not all they do” or the infamous “well yeah, but that’s not even a majority of their profit”

This isn’t a contest!

In addition to the disgusting practice of murdering the most innocent and vulnerable among us, this selling of baby-parts is a for-profit industry.

Again, this is about morals, and today’s Liberals are grossly lacking when it comes to human life and dignity.


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Obama the plastic puppet President

Bush Jr. inherited (January 20th, 2001) a Fed Funds Rate of 5.92%, which was at 4.17% at the start (January 20th) of his last (2008) year in office, where it began its final nosedive to .08% by January 4th, 2009, to raise to .23% on January 21st, 2009, to begin Obama’s 1st term.

I was recently asked if Obama should get any credit for America’s economy during Trump’s 1st term as President.

My initial response would be to ask someone to name Obama’s economic policies, post 2012

The Federal Funds rate was the ONLY thing that allowed Obama to do what he did financially; and that was primarily to further enrich the super-wealthy, through Banks and Government.

No private citizen or business can apply directly for a loan with the Federal Reserve.

At no other point in American history, has the Federal Reserve rate remained below .07% (that’s not 7% either) for two successive Presidential terms.

As of July 16th, 2007, the Federal Reserve Rate was at 5.25% and then plummeted to .08% by January 4th, 2009; two weeks before Obama takes office.

Bush Jr. inherited (January 20th, 2001) a Fed Funds Rate of 5.92%, which was at 4.17% at the start (January 20th) of his last (2008) year in office, where it began its final nosedive to .08% by January 4th, 2009, to raise to .23% on January 21st, 2009, to begin Obama’s 1st term. 

Bush saw an overall rate change of – 5.84% but with a – 3.94% rate change in his last 12 months in office.

Take notice of how fast the Federal Reserve rate tumbled towards the end of Bush Jr’s 2nd term.

This was done in preparation for the incoming Obama administration.

The Federal Reserve rate nearly flat-lined for most of Obama’s two terms in office.

From inauguration day of his 1st term, on January 20th, 2009, to his last day in office on January 20th, 2017, the Federal Funds rate went from a low of .20% to a high of .66%

Imagine any other President having such luxury for 96 (8 years) consecutive months.

Obama was plastic, and was completely propped up by big business and special interests.

It actually amazes me that nearly 3 years into Trump’s 1st term, I’ve seen nearly nothing written up on the Fed doing this for those 8 years.

The Federal Reserve loaned untold TRILLIONS for 96 consecutive months, at an average rate of around .20% interest.

Again, this was a complete set-up, preparing for Obama’s tenure.

Since taking office on January 20th, 2017, Trump began with a Federal Reserve rate of .66% and has seen 7 increases up to December of 2018, up to the newest Federal Reserve funds rate of 2.5%, and is not scheduled to increase again through 2019, but I sincerely doubt that holds true.

The Obama years never saw this rate reach 1% but it is already @ 2.5% and will go higher before year’s end.

I believe a 2nd term for Trump would see this rate continually rise as well.

The next major decline in the Federal Reserve rate will not occur until 12-18 months prior to the next Democrat Presidency.


We are Dismantling the Beast, one piece at a time.

God Bless You, and God Bless America

Civil Rights Act of 1866? Not 1964?

This short piece is about the first African-American in the Lower-House of Congress, and only the 2nd African-American Congress member overall, and what he had to say at the time just after the Civil War, on whom it was that stood against Black Americans.

Joseph H. Rainey – 1st Black Member of the lower House of Congress 1870-1879

I present the following article as a reminder to all, that the party of Racism has always been the Democrat Party; through all the smokescreen where they talk about some “Big Switch”; though you can’t find any evidence of any major party switch in history, but Democrats do love to trot out any micro-victory they can find along the way.

This short piece is about the first African-American in the Lower-House of Congress, and only the 2nd African-American Congress member overall, and what he had to say at the time just after the Civil War, on whom it was that stood against Black Americans.

Just a bit of history first:

Mr. Joseph Hayne Rainey – South Carolina Congress Member from December, 1870 to March, 1879

Mr. Rainey was born in Georgetown, South Carolina in 1832, to slaves Edward Sr. and Grace Rainey. Edward purchased freedom for himself, his wife and 2 sons, after doing enough side-work as an independent Barber.

Joseph found himself conscripted (forced) in 1861 into service for the Confederate Army, along with other free (oxymoron here) Blacks, but he and his family escaped to St. George’s, Bermuda, and returned to South Carolina in 1866 after the end of the Civil War.

While on St. George’s, Joseph reestablished his Barber business, and his wife owned her own dressmaking business; all on a tiny island with a majority White population.

Joseph was a delegate to South Carolina’s Republican Constitutional Convention in 1868, where the State prepared a new State Constitution during the Reconstruction Era, for rejoining the Union, following the Civil War.

The Civil Rights Act of 1866 was the first U.S. Federal Law to define citizenship and guarantee equal protection under the law. Originally passed the year before, the Bill was vetoed by President Andrew Johnson, but was passed again in 1866 to support the 13th amendment. Johnson again vetoed the Bill, but Congress got its 2/3 majority in both houses, to override the veto.

(Seems a bit of irony that a President Johnson was involved in the 1866; and the 1964 Civil Rights legislation)

Following, is an excerpt from a Floor-Speech Joseph Rainey gave in 1871, in response to a statement made by U.S. House Representative Samuel S. Cox of New York, with some at the expense of Joseph Rainey and other Black South Carolina Representatives.

(I do not own any rights to this excerpt)


Congressional Globe, 42nd Congress, Second Session (Washington, D.C.: Government Printing Office, 1872), pp. 1442, 1443.

See how familiar some things appear:

“The remarks made by the gentleman from New York in relation to the colored people of South Carolina escaped my hearing, as I was in the rear of the Hall when they were made, and I did not know that any utterance of that kind had emanated from him. I have always entertained a high regard for the gentleman from New York, because I believed him to be a useful member of the House. He is a gentleman of talent and of fine education, and I have thought heretofore that he would certainly be charitable toward a race of people who have never enjoyed the same advantages that he has. If the colored people of South Carolina had been accorded the same advantages—if they had had the same wealth and surroundings which the gentleman from New York has had, they would have shown to this nation that their color was no obstacle to their holding positions of trust, political or otherwise. Not having had these advantages, we cannot at the present time compete with the favored race of this country; but perhaps if our lives are spared, and if the gentleman from New York and other gentlemen on that side of the House will only accord to us right and justice, we shall show to them that we can be useful, intelligent citizens of this country. But if they will continue to proscribe us, if they will continue to cultivate prejudice against us; if they will continue to decry the Negro and crush him under foot, then you cannot expect the Negro to rise while the Democrats are trampling upon him and his rights. We ask you, sir, to do by the Negro as you ought to do by him in justice.

If the Democrats are such staunch friends of the Negro, why is it that when propositions are offered here and elsewhere looking to the elevation of the colored race, and the extension of right and justice to them, do the Democrats array themselves in unbroken phalanx, and vote against every such measure? You, gentlemen of that side of the House, have voted against all the recent amendments of the Constitution, and the laws enforcing the same. Why did you do it? I answer, because those measures had a tendency to give to the poor Negro his just rights, and because they proposed to knock off his shackles and give him freedom of speech, freedom of action, and the opportunity of education, that he might elevate himself to the dignity of manhood.

Now you come to us and say that you are our best friends. We would that we could look upon you as such. We would that your votes as recorded in the Globe from day to day could only demonstrate it. But your votes, your actions, and the constant cultivation of your cherished prejudices prove to the Negroes of the entire country that the Democrats are in opposition to them, and if they [the Democrats] could have sway our race would have no foothold here.

Now, sir, I have not time to vindicate fully the course of action of the colored people of South Carolina. We are certainly in the majority there; I admit that we are as two to one. Sir, I ask this House, I ask the country, I ask white men, I ask Democrats, I ask Republicans whether the Negroes have presumed to take improper advantage of the majority they hold in that State by disregarding the interest of the minority? They have not. Our convention which met in 1868, and in which the Negroes were in a large majority, did not pass any proscriptive or disfranchising acts, but adopted a liberal constitution, securing alike equal rights to all citizens, white and black, male and female, as far as possible. Mark you, we did not discriminate, although we had a majority. Our constitution towers up in its majesty with provisions for equal protection of all classes and citizens. Notwithstanding our majority there, we have never attempted to deprive any man in that State of the rights and immunities to which he is entitled under the Constitution of this Government. You cannot point me to a single act passed by our Legislature, at any time, which had a tendency to reflect upon or oppress any white citizen of South Carolina. You cannot show me one enactment by which the majority in our State have undertaken to crush the white men because the latter are in a minority.

I say to you, gentlemen of the Democratic party, that I want you to deal justly with the people composing my race. I am here representing a Republican constituency made up of white and colored men. I say to you deal with us justly; be charitable toward us. An opportunity will soon present itself when we can test whether you on that side of the House are the best friends of the oppressed and ill-treated Negro race. When the civil rights bill comes before you, when that bill comes up upon its merits asking you to give civil rights of the Negro, I will then see who are our best friends on that side of the House.

I will say to the gentleman from New York that I am sorry I am constrained to make these remarks. I wish to say to him that I do not mind what he may have said against the Negroes of South Carolina. Neither his friendship nor his enmity will change the sentiment of the loyal men of that State.

We are determined to stand by this Government. We are determined to use judiciously and wisely the prerogative conferred upon us by the Republican party. The democratic party may woo us, they may court us and try to get us to worship at their shrine, but I will tell the gentleman that we are republicans by instinct, and we will be Republicans so long as God will allow our proper senses to hold sway over us”

Sounds like the good ole Democrats were already bribing and blackmailing Blacks.

I found this to be an interesting piece of history.


We are Dismantling the Beast, one piece at a time.

God Bless You, and God Bless America